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Open your mind

Sky and RaysDo you want to know what really gets my goat?  When I come across people with closed minds.  The worst offenders are the scientists, experts and ‘ologists’ that are wheeled out whenever something wonderful, mysterious but inexplicable happens.   If it hasn’t been, or can’t currently be proven by modern science then it has to be rubbish, the people who chose to have an open mind on it are branded loonie toons in some way shape or form, and the verdict is delivered with such a supercilious smirk that I just want to throw a shoe at them.

Greg over at Quantum Spirit has recently posted a piece on reincarnation that I find absolutely fascinating, heart-warming and exciting.  I’ve long believed that reincarnation is a possibility and this video certainly seems to support the theory.  As Greg has done, I have posted the YouTube video because that is what is available to paste into my Scrapbook here, but do please visit the Fox link where you will be spared the inevitable supercilious smirking scientist at the end.  (Oops…you don’t know him do you)?!

With thanks to Greg therefore for finding this, here is the YouTube tape:



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Top o' the world

Ever wanted to know what the views look like at the top of Mount Everest?  Well, they’re every bit as wonderful as you might imagine.  I had forgotten about this site until I visited my Stumbleupon account today for the first time in about 18 months.  You may well have seen this already.  If not, go visit.  There are loads of beautiful 360 degree panoramas from all over the world so if Everest doesn’t float your boat this a.m., pick something else!  


Everest in the frame

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The Gwanggyo Power Project, South Korea – Designed by Rotterdam based architects MVRDV Design

I think in another space in time I would have suited being a designer of some sort. I’m drawn to innovative and often quirky design, provided that it has a purpose and is not just quirky for quirky’s sake.

This morning I was doing some housekeeping over here, filling in some gaps to pages I sometimes like to visit, when I came across reference to the winning design of the Gwanggyo Power Project in South Korea. This, to my amateur eye, is just amazing.  A more than worthy winner.

More pictures of this innovative design can be seen at the ‘Inhabitat’ website, or by clicking on the above image, which will take you to the relevant pages of the MVRDV website.  [If, like me, you’re interested in modern architecture the MVRDV site is well worth a look around anyway]


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