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Open your mind

Sky and RaysDo you want to know what really gets my goat?  When I come across people with closed minds.  The worst offenders are the scientists, experts and ‘ologists’ that are wheeled out whenever something wonderful, mysterious but inexplicable happens.   If it hasn’t been, or can’t currently be proven by modern science then it has to be rubbish, the people who chose to have an open mind on it are branded loonie toons in some way shape or form, and the verdict is delivered with such a supercilious smirk that I just want to throw a shoe at them.

Greg over at Quantum Spirit has recently posted a piece on reincarnation that I find absolutely fascinating, heart-warming and exciting.  I’ve long believed that reincarnation is a possibility and this video certainly seems to support the theory.  As Greg has done, I have posted the YouTube video because that is what is available to paste into my Scrapbook here, but do please visit the Fox link where you will be spared the inevitable supercilious smirking scientist at the end.  (Oops…you don’t know him do you)?!

With thanks to Greg therefore for finding this, here is the YouTube tape:



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President Clinton talks about UFOs

In this video, from 2005, ex President Clinton is asked about UFOs and while most of his answer is as you might expect, the resaon I’ve posted this here is that there is a moment, around 4.45 mins, that I rather like.  I wonder how many Presidents before him had done exactly the same?  …all of them I bet!  At least I hope they have.  Curiosity means that you have an open mind, a quality that I believe is absolutely essential to be a successful leader of any country.

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Google Ghost

I’ve just found this over at The Daily Telegraph.  Seen on Google Street View it appears to show the ghost of a Victorian lady in the once notorious docklands area of Tiger Bay, Cardiff, UK, where a series of murders were committed 200 years ago.  The full story can be read here(BTW, I also looked up the  Google alien reported in that story …in case you’re interested)!


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