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Love don't cost a thing

I’ve no time to up-date properly here so I’m throwing a video into the mix.  It’s ‘Love don’t cost a thing’ by Jennifer Lopez. I have one comment to make on this:  I love the song but, hang on a minute  there Jenny, let’s not be too hasty…. look at the ~h~o~u~s~e~!!! 😉



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Jason Hawkes

There is a wonderful set of images posted at the moment on The Big Picture site, all by photographer Jason Hawkes.  Jason has been photographing aerial shots since 1991 and I just love the different view that this gives us of the world – both thought provoking and beautiful.  It’s very hard to pick just one favourite.  This one below caught my eye because it’s of tomatoes dumped on the banks of the River Durance in France.  From the air it looks like a painting.  Go and have a look for yourself at this great collection.

Dumped tomatoes

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Photo dependantA couple of years ago I went up to Northumberland to meet up with relatives whom I’d discovered through family history research.  I would probably never have thought to visit this part of the country if it hadn’t been for my newly found relatives but it was quite a revelation.  Newcastle itself is a wonderful city – there’s a real buzz about it with some stunning modern architecture in and around the area (The Sage, Millennium Bridge, The Angel of the North).   All of that sits comfortably beside the old and the ancient.  A fairly short drive will get you up to Lindisfarne, Hadrian’s Wall and some stunning castles – Bamburgh, Warwick, Dunstanburgh and Alnwick (the setting for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movie). 

We did some driving around and loved what we saw, including the sweet little church in the village of Beadnell, built in 1746.  Actually our visit was purely by chance, diving inside one day to escape the bitterly cold winds (it was October) but what a treat when we got inside.  This is just part of one of the lovely stained glass windows.


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The Gwanggyo Power Project, South Korea – Designed by Rotterdam based architects MVRDV Design

I think in another space in time I would have suited being a designer of some sort. I’m drawn to innovative and often quirky design, provided that it has a purpose and is not just quirky for quirky’s sake.

This morning I was doing some housekeeping over here, filling in some gaps to pages I sometimes like to visit, when I came across reference to the winning design of the Gwanggyo Power Project in South Korea. This, to my amateur eye, is just amazing.  A more than worthy winner.

More pictures of this innovative design can be seen at the ‘Inhabitat’ website, or by clicking on the above image, which will take you to the relevant pages of the MVRDV website.  [If, like me, you’re interested in modern architecture the MVRDV site is well worth a look around anyway]


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