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First Defense

These two ads carry a common theme – first defense.- 😉 The first is for Vicks ‘First Defense’ cold medicine and this ad makes me giggle every time I see it. The second was voted funniest ad in Europe in 2005. Initially you’ll almost certainly find this one pretty heinous but stick with it – I can almost guarantee that it will make you laugh out loud.

‘I want those sweeties!’ ….


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I read today that this ad, for Metz Schnapps, caused a stir back in the 1990s because parents across the nation complained that it was way too scary for children to be aired on TV, and that eventually it was banned. Hold on, if that’s true, I believe that adverts for alcohol would only have been aired after the 9 o’clock watershed (when all wee bairns should be tucked up safely in their cosy beds). I’d have to say to the complainants then: Come again? Too scary for who? Are you sure it wasn’t you?!

My parents introduced me to classic horror movies (the likes of Bela Lugosi as Dracula) at a young age. We all huddled together on the sofa to watch and ironically, what I remember is not the feeling of horror but the fact of being cuddled up close to Mum and Dad. Maybe that held me in good stead in some way because to me, this ad is no worse than an old Grimm’s fairy tale. Am I unusual, or are people turning into wimps?

Just by the by, doesn’t the narrator have a lovely accent?  I think it’s the same as Bjork, i.e. Icelandic.  I’d love to speak like this – I’m tempted to reinvent myself with an accent that rrrumbles arrround its rrrs, gently thuddds its way around d’s and sing-songs its way through sentences.  Much more romantic sounding than my middle England mixed with ‘something else’!


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A happy start to the weekend

I’m not being a very good blogger lately am I?  No time to web surf you see. I’m also thinking that this blog is really pretty weird because of its scrapbook-type nature.  My last post was about the mafia’s [alleged] misdoings and it’s going to sit alongside a video of cute babies.  I am nothing if not totally random and diverse.

I’m not one of those women who coos, oohs and aaaahs at every baby on the planet but this ad is just adorable and makes me feel good every time I see it. There is something so sweet and special about hearing babies laugh and in this ad the third baby is positively creasing himself.  Wonderful!  Here’s a happy start to the weekend then…

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Friday Music: One Giant Leap

If you’ve been around here a while you’ll know that I have a soft spot for Robbie Williams.  It would be too simple to say then that this is why I love this track.  The fact of the matter is that I love the refrain (at 2.32), I love the lyrics (despite being in rap format which I’m generally not a fan of – Maxi Jazz is a master of this art) and I love the arrangement.  Top that with the fact that I heard one of the musicians behind this track talking on the radio and he said that Robbie turned up for the recording session apparently without words to his piece.  They thought the whole thing was going to be an absolute disaster until his cue came and out of his mouth came the words ‘ Hello Dad  Remember me?  I’m the man you thought I’d never be.  I’m the boy who you reduced to tears, Dad I’ve been lonely for 27 years…’  (and the rest, as they say, is history).

My Culture by 1 Giant Leap, featuring Robbie Williams


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Sweet Lullaby

I love this piece of music.  It’s by French duo Michel Sanchez and Eric Mouquet (together forming musical group ‘Deep Forest’) and samples a traditional lullaby of the Baegu people in the Solomon islands.  The lullaby is called Rorogwela and is sung here by Afunakwa.  I find her singing hauntingly beautiful.

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French and Saunders: Bideford v Florida

When my husband and I first visited the U.S. with our very young children we stopped one day at a supermarket in Palos Verdes just outside L.A.  I waited outside with our sleepy girls whilst my husband ventured into the shop.  It was the first time he’d been in an American supermarket and just wanted a couple of small cartons of milk for the children to drink and maybe ‘lunch box’ sized treats of packets of dried raisins to eat.  He came a cropper at the first hurdle (the milk).  Here in the UK we have skimmed, semi-skimmed and full fat milk in small cartons of about 230ml (great for those lunch boxes), half litre and litre cartons.  What he saw in that US supermarket was just totally mind-boggling.  There was milk with this, milk with that, milk with this but not that, milk without any of it (except a little bit of this), milk with all of it and the sizes ranged from about 2 litres up to…well I don’t know really, he said they looked like gallon containers.  A lady shopper saw his bewildered face and took pity on him.

‘You look lost’  she said.  ‘Can I help?’

‘I just want milk,’ he replied forlornly.  ‘Ordinary milk, from a cow, that no one has done anything to.’

That was our first experience of American food shopping.  Nowadays, with regular visits under our belt, we’re old hands at it, rarely surprised by the sheer variety, sizings, quantities and even quirkiness of ingredients.  (Although there are notable exceptions still)!

Today, because I’m just not feeling at my pukka best, I went over to YouTube to check out a few comedy videos to brighten my mood.  I came across a French and Saunders sketch that I’ve never seen before and it made me laugh out loud because it’s filled with their usual silliness, comparing the tiny town of Bideford in Devon with life in a gated community in Florida, and because it references our above experiences of the American culture compared to our rather more austere (and sometimes lacking) European ways.  Here it is:


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Car versus horse

Just saw this clip on the lunchtime news.  I’ve had runaway horses running down a narrow lane towards my [old style] mini a few years back.  It was very scary.  I knew at least one of us was going to be badly hurt.  As it happens, and miraculously, at the very last minute they veered off through the opened gate of an adjoining field.  I think the gods were with us that day.  As indeed they were in this instance – both driver and horse were only slightly injured:


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