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Gathering momentum

I feel us gathering momentum as a little design team and I’ve been busy on more art and photography this morning, specifically today putting up a new piece by my older daughter (below).  I know that lots of you out there have young children so I just thought I’d remind you that there is some original artwork to see over at my Art and Design site, some perfect for children.

The response to my competition, both here and by email has so far has been good but we’re not exactly up at lottery standards (not that I ever thought we would be)!  All I can say is, the odds of winning are therefore pretty good and I wanted to thank those who have already entered for your support and enthusiam.  For that reason alone, you’re all winners to me.

Baby seals

Sorry this note is so perfunctory – having whiled away the morning ‘fiddling’ on arty stuff, I’ve just realised that we have absolutely nada, zippo, zilch to eat in the house so getting myself to the shop PDQ could be useful for, ooh, things like lunch, and dinner.   🙂


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The Big Photo Competition

Here it is peeps – this is the big photo competition that I’ve mentioned before!  For the last month I’ve been busy up-loading just some of my photos to two internet sites.  For various reasons it’s Zenfolio that won the day for preference so that’s where I invite you to see some of my work.  As no one site offers all that I’d like, somewhere down the line, in the not too distant future, I may well open an Etsy store, especially as I hope to have other items for sale, such as some very pretty silver jewellery.

Here’s the deal… the ! main prize ! (fanfare please) will be your choice of either a matted or laminated print of one of my photos.  Which one is still to be decided and in fact I’m happy to take your suggestion of your favourite.  (For ‘technical’ reasons too dull to explain, not all can be blown up to the size I’d like by the printers I’ll be using).  Below is an example of a laminated print:


And a matted print….


Plus! (yes, there’s more!).. a tee shirt [short or long sleeved] featuring one of our designs….

3895447-4-buxom, white


🙂  It’s a prize that in value equates to in excess of $75,so that’s got to be worth the effort of 5 minutes or so looking through my site…hasn’t it?

Three runners up will also receive a straight print of their favourite photo, measuring approx. 7″ x 9″ (not every photo is of the dimensions to exactly  fit into this size).

Here’s how to enter:

Head on over to my site at JLM PhotoDesign and have a look through my work, then come back here and briefly tell me which piece of work is your favourite (quoting the photo’s title)  and why.  You can enter as many times as you wish.  For non-blogging friends, entries are also being collected via email  –  celcelore [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot]uk.

The closing date for entries is 10 days from now, i.e midnight (GMT) on Sunday 18th October.

I will decide the winners using my best judgement and as they say in competition land, the judges decision is final!


By the way, if you like what you see, it may be worth checking back from time to time anyway because I still have lots and lots of photos to add.  If you also want to sign the guest book or leave comments over at JLM PhotoDesign that would be cool too – we’re new to this so any encouragement is most welcome!

I’d really appreciate it if you could pass the word along and let others know that this competition is running.. my regular friends here will know that I’m concerned this will all be a bit of a damp squib. :-S


Some of my work can also be seen at Red Bubble and somewhere on the horizon is a brand spanking new Zazzle shop (watch this space)!


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The lie of the land

On this auspicious day of 09.09.09 (depending upon which culture you follow) I’m going to come clean and make an announcement.  The photo projects that I mentioned?  One was really by the by – to actually enter a photo competition this year, rather than thinking about it so much that I missed the closing date.  I have that one ‘in hand’ as we speak – prints ordered and now I just have to pick what I think is the best and send it off.

More important however is the other photo project and here is why I should come clean about this – it’s going to take a whole lot more time than I anticipated.  I’m currently in the process of setting up an art and design venture with my two daughters, both of whom are talented at art but both of whom are earning their daily crusts in a strictly financial environment (not much of a creative outlet there then).  As three people who love creating things I thought it about time that we put our heads together and started taking our love of art, craft and design more seriously.  Post stroke I’ve concentrated on photography so that’s why I referred to a ‘photo project’  but our venture will be so much more than that.

I’m going to make a point of checking in here regularly, mainly because if I didn’t I’d start to miss you, and partly because being here is simply a welcome rest for my poor frazzled brain. (Things described on the web as ‘so easy to set up that they don’t need instructions’ ?  Clearly when the wizz kids wrote the code they hadn’t come across someone as computer illiterate as me).

So that’s the lie of the land around here.  When we’re ready to go public I’ll be celebrating our launch with some kind of promotion or prize / giveaway.   ‘Oh no! Not another blog giveaway‘ I hear you cry.  Oh yes, you better believe it!  Trust me, you won’t want to miss it.

Oh, and I should say that my other WordPress site of Voix Douce is still hanging around in the wings, ever faithfully dispensing pearls of wisdom (although, there again, not as often as I’d like).  I’m a bit like the Scarlet Pimpernel.  If I’m not here …you may find me there!

0071, Butter Cream


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Computer skullduggery

betty-rubbleForresterMcLeod yesterday asked me how I put the ‘Today I am’ photos on the top right of my WordPress web page.  Giving the answer caused some difficulties because it involves some html code and of course when the computer saw that, it didn’t show up as code, but as a blank space.  I’m engaging in some skullduggery here and outwitting the computer by placing a graphic of the html code within a separate post.  Hah – have at you, you computer thing!! [And yes, you computer brainboxes out there, there probably is a much simpler way of doing this but I don’t know it.  Right]?

Here for Forrester, and for anyone else interested in my ‘top right cleverness’ is the explanation:

Upload the picture you want to include to get it into your media library.

Go to the media library – left hand side of your dashboard. Click on the picture, which will bring up its details.  Highlight and copy the image’s ‘File URL’.

Then look back at the dashboard headings on the left of the screen and click on ‘Appearance – Widgets’.

Drag a ‘Text’ widget over to the right of your sidebar (this is all the stuff you have on the right of your web page).  Drag and drop the text widget where you want the photo to be – in your case Forrester you’d drag and drop it to the very top of that column.

Open the text widget box by clicking on the little ‘down’ arrow.

Now you need to type in some html code to tell the computer where your picture is.  I’ll show you the html for one of my ‘top right’ sidebar photos.


You need to type in


Any actual text you want to include goes in the same text box but on a new line below.  Press ‘close’ and that should be it.

If you have any problems, just let me know.  I’m a bit of a twit when it comes to technical issues, but it also means that I’m usually quite good at helping others because I myself have already jumped through many hoops to get things right!

Bonne chance!


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Flash Gordon

Flash GordonI feel the need for a little happy silliness today.  This is one of my favourite films – the 1980 version of Flash Gordon, starring Sam J. Jones (and just where is he now)?  It’s a film that produced so many memorable one liners that are regularly referred to in our household: ‘Flash, I love you, but we only have 14 hours to save the earth!’  ‘No, not the boreworms!’  ‘Goordons aliiive’! … 

If you haven’t seen it, why ever not?  It’s tongue-in-cheek, kitsch, camp, colourful and a faithful recreation of the original 1930s sci-fi comic strip in all its Art Deco glory.

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Milan Fashion Week, June 2009

Here’s a heads up on what men will be wearing next year – these are part of the Alexander McQueen collection being shown in the current Milan Fashion Week. In the collection are suits smeared with paint, crumpled and worn trousers and knitwear that comes with ready-made holes. I guess we may all be on skid row by then so it should be a pretty easy look to emulate …just head down to the local charity shop.  There’s not much more to say about that really, is there?

AlexanderMcQueen, Milan09i

AlexanderMcQueen, Milan09ii

Photos from Vogue UK


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On the Wish List

Am I going through some kind of mid-life crisis or something?  I’m not a ‘bike’ person at all but I came across this today and instantly thought ‘Oooo, I’d like one of those!’  I wouldn’t have any trouble parking it…but I’m just not sure where I’d put the groceries. (…A basket fitted to the front? ….Hanging off the handlebars?…)  😉

Piaggio Mp3


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