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Thanksgiving 2009

To all my American friends, I wish you a Happy and Peaceful Thanksgiving.

A few Zzzs

‘A few Zzzzzs’ Registered & Protected

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Strong letter to follow


What is wrong with people do you think?  Why do so many ‘Trolls’ exist?  If we met them in the street, would we know that they had some personality disorder?  That they had failed to take their medication that day?  That they were close to a full mental breakdown?  Or do they in fact work in our offices, at the next desk to us?  Fine by day, completely bonkers the moment they get in front of that keyboard at night?  Is it stress, do you think?  The sheer pressure of modern life?  That really they’re apparently normal, coping with life, but inside they’re a seething mass of rage, a maelstrom of mad, disjointed thoughts?  Ready to snap?  Go ‘postal’ if just one more small obstacle gets in their way?  What do you think?…because I’m genuinely intrigued.

I received a series of emails recently via another website that I run – and the person sending them (named ‘Christopher’) screamed and yelled at me in the  !!  LARGEST!  POSSIBLE!   TYPE!  !!  (Yes, it was the usual Troll format – embellished with plenty of emboldening and exclamation marks).  They ‘informed’ me of various inaccuracies in the information on a single page of my site.  Seriously, it was as though I was confronted with a screaming toddler in a terrible tantrum, writhing on my living  room floor.  I toyed with whether to respond at all because if this person is a genuine nutter I really don’t need to be dealing with that right now.  Then I thought that I should afford him the benefit of the doubt and I responded as below (only, as it seemed appropriate, I also did so in the largest possible type):

I acknowledge receipt of your emails.  Do you use some special kind of keyboard that only allows you to type a few words at a time?  I only ask because I wondered why it was necessary to send me a whole series of short notes.

I shall assume that you have some kind of disability or physical impairment and that you are not, in fact, being so rude as to yell at me – hence the very large text of my response here.

If you look again at my site you will see that I clearly state on the ‘Home’ page that it is a hobby site of mine.  It also clearly states that it was last updated in August of 2008.  Maybe I should have put all that in larger type and in capital letters, so that people such as yourself would be able to see and therefore understand that, as a hobby site, I don’t always have the time to keep the information contained therein right up to date.


Yes I did get a response.  Why d’you ask?  I’ve cut and pasted it, ‘as is’  here:

Well, at least you replied, now spend time getting your HOBBY up to date.

Yes I do  have  a disability, thanks you for mocking it!

Angelcel to Christopher:

Christopher  – me too.  Which is why I find it difficult to keep up with my hobby and why I found your emails unnecessarily abrasive in tone.

He’s gone away, for the time being.  Maybe he’s just taking time to re-group and then attack me again.  What I’m hoping, however, is that our little exchange will make him think twice in future before blustering into someone’s home, spitting venom like some kind of Benzedrine puff adder. 

The internet seems to have encouraged this kind of behaviour.  Most of us still don’t resort to yelling and screaming  at one another in the street at the drop of a hat (thank goodness), so the closest equivalent to this is probably nuisance phone calls, which are also, thankfully, a rarity.  Yet the prevalence of  Trolls on the internet seems to be on the increase.  Why?

You’ll have gathered by now that, yes, he annoyed me, but that I’m also a very old-fashioned type of a girl, still fondly holding on to the idea that if we all treat each other as we would like to be treated then the world can and will be a better place.  My husband, on the other hand, who deals with rude numbskulls way too often in everyday business, takes a slightly different approach.  I have to tell you that when I showed him the series of original emails he was quite adamant that if I felt the need to respond at all then the best wording would be: 

Fuck Off.  Strong letter to follow.

His approach does have the merit of simplicity.  Maybe he has a point.

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Friday the Thirteenth

Black catSo it’s Friday the 13th. Da da daaaaah! Are you watching your step today? Avoiding travel? Staying in bed? If so you may be suffering from triskaidekaphobia – literally a phobia of Friday the 13th. According to the mighty ‘Wikki-Wah’ 17 – 21 million people in the United States suffer from triska… triksy … trippy….oooh whatever, and there is an estimated loss of $800 to $900 million in business revenue as a result. You may also be interested to know that although there are various independent references to both Friday and the number 13 being unlucky, this superstition only really came to the fore in the late 19th century. Aren’t we humans weird? It’s a date. On a calendar. Just numbers in the ongoing recording of our history.

Yes, well I can tell myself this logic, and yet a little primeval voice in my head tells me to avoid making any significant decisions on this day and certainly never to get on a plane. It’s not an altogether silly voice either – the last time I mocked superstition (in this instance by walking under a ladder and laughing at friends as they skirted around) I went and shrunk the (pigging) curtains in my college digs by taking them to the launderette. My friends and I spent the rest of the term with suitcases lined up around the windows in order to stop peeping toms looking in. Strangely enough, there were always cigarette butts outside our window so I think our clever scheme failed. I eventually had to own up to the ‘Big Cheese’ and fork out for replacement window drapes.

No, if you’re a triksy-diddly-phobic you won’t find me laughing at you. Once today is over however you can breathe a big sigh of relief. The next instance of this conjuction of unlucky day plus date doesn’t occur until August next year. That’s a whole 9 months in which to relax…except avoid those ladders… and those black cats…and that magpie ….and mind that salt…and that mirror…

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Heard the one about the drunk and the train?

A drunk woman who might just think twice about getting so pie-eyed next time. She’s seriously lucky to be alive – in fact, isn’t there some expression about drunks having their own special guardian angel? She needs to be thanking hers.

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Little Miss Giggles

I love it when TV and radio presenters lose their veneer of composure and it’s so much more fun when it comes from someone who is trying to be ultra serious.  This radio clip is a little gem, particularly because it comes from a slightly ‘plummy’ and otherwise very sensible sounding BBC radio newsreader. Laughter is indeed infectious.


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Operation Beautiful

Hyer, Martha01Jane at ‘They call me Jane’ today wrote about a wonderful site that I want to share with you here.  It’s called Operation Beautiful and it’s a project that I think every woman should be part of, in fact everyone, and certainly all parents.   The premise is simple: To leave anonymous post-it notes in public places that simply say ‘you are beautiful’ (or very similar) – a personal boost for anyone seeing them, an assurance that they are in fact beautiful despite what they may currently be feeling.  In an extremely brief course of therapy I was told to do something very similar, so according to current thinking this is not a load of hoo-ha, and could actually start to make a difference …and Lord knows, we need to bolster our self -esteem when the messages that constantly surround us in the media seem to do nothing but undermine us.

I have two daughters and maybe because of my own childhood experiences I did everything I could when they were growing up to bolster their feelings of self-worth, to praise them and to tell them how much I love them.  Even so, none of us can help but be influenced by the images of ultra skinny, air brushed models that surround us.

Maybe more insidious are the stories of the perfect women with their perfect lives.  We’ve all come across them (and much though I love Nigella, in many ways, she’s a major culprit in this) – the women who live in some kind of 1950s Utopia where their children are scrubbed clean, well-behaved, fed perfectly nutritious home-prepared dinners, read a story and put to bed (where they stay and not winge at the top of the stairs) at seven o’clock in the evening, before Mummy cooks up something else – something totally spectacular for her and hubby.   Never mind that perfect Mummy has made it her job to make life look  perfectly easy and so is paid a perfectly lovely salary.  And never mind that perfect Mummy may live in a perfectly lovely house, with a husband with perfectly lovely income that can pay for perfectly lovely home help to clear it all up.

No.  Images, TV programmes and magazine articles albound about how easy it all is to look better,  do better, be better.  The fact of the matter is that life is not perfect, we are not perfect and unlike, say 100 years ago, many of us do not have the support of family close by who can take the pressure off us.  We struggle on, doing the best we can, but no doubt constantly feeling that somehow we ‘could do better’.

I also have to say that my experience of other mothers is that we are often our own worst enemies, excellent at psyching each other out.  I once visited a friend’s house and she made it a point to show me her airing cupboard.  (??!)  I soon saw why.  It was filled with perfectly laundered and folded laundry, in perfect little stacks.  I seem to remember that I maybe inappropriately snorted and said that if you were to take a punt on opening my airing cupboard door you’d most certainly be swamped under a stack of tumbling towels and pants.  I subsequently learned that the laundry she was so proud of was farmed out to a professional firm.  Well there you go – It’s easy to be perfect, with help.

Go visit Operation Beautiful ladies.  In fact, I think everyone should visit, because the message is coming through that  boys are increasingly starting to worry about their own body image and I know that despite the good front they put up, grown men also worry that they could do better in our screwed up and over-pressured western society.  I’m sure you guys can come up with your own affirming and appropriate post-it note phrase.

Let’s all fight back against the media.


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Bizarro World

Little girlI feel as though I’ve entered Bizarro World since last Friday.  I ‘retreated to the drawing room’  yesterday (Voix Douce) to post for SIMC because it felt as if the bulk of ‘the house’ had been overrun with rampant beardiness (or at least discussion thereof).  I’m delighted with the attention that my simple question garnered but in truth, the suddenness of it all has also slightly freaked me out.  Our blogs are very much our little space in the ethers and if you’re like me you love welcoming in new visitors, hope that they’ll stay, look forward to getting to know each other, and hopefully become friends and frequent visitors at each other’s ‘houses’.  What happened on Friday was quite overwhelming.  I am, however, reclaiming my space today and if you came here for the party over the weekend and have decided to stay, then welcome, I’m delighted you decided to stick around.  I hope that you’ll introduce yourselves by leaving comments.

So, what else?  Well Friday’s flurry of internet activity also coincided with the dreaded (~duh, duh duuuuhhh~) Medical Matters – which are done and dusted for the time being but this is something that I get myself into a terrible stew about and worry over relentlessly.

Then of course there is the competition thing I’ve been wibbling on about.  Don’t worry, I’m sick of it too.  And therein lies the first of a few lessons.   Firstly, I’m dreadful at self-promotion.  I’m not a natural saleswoman and I don’t feel comfortable at pushing myself into the limelight.  Rather stupidly I suppose, I’d far rather that you magically found me and whatever my product is totally by chance and became instantly enchanted.  I hate that feeling that I’m trying to entice people in, like a peddler in snake-oil.  The whole process has however been a valuable experience.  On the plus side, it’s been interesting for me to see which images have proved popular, and why, but much more than that, I’ve confirmed something about people in my own mind  The vast majority have been kind, helpful and encouraging, and that warms my heart.  A tiny minority however have been slightly odd with me and there is no point in my elucidating any further on that because it focuses too much on what is their problem.  Suffice it to say, I take the attitude that if you don’t much like someone then walk away.  Don’t, for goodness sake, waste valuable energy on false friendship.

(By the way, the results of the comp will be collated today – a fancy way of saying that I’ll write out pieces of paper with all the email and web entries and then pick out the winner)!

Anyway, that’s me.  Elated but also a little tired and punch drunk.  Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


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Handsomely hirsute, or just horrible?

OK, so what do we think of this?

Beardy boys

My opinion?  I don’t like beards.  They look slighty ‘unhygienic’ to me and tend to make a man look unkempt and older (and not in a good way).  And if a man is balding?  Worst case scenario in my book because a bearded balding guy either looks as though he’s compensating in some way for the loss at one end, or that he’s somehow ‘out of kilter’ (dare I say it…almost as if his head is the wrong way up).

Beards, I read this morning, are the new ‘in’ thing, so we can expect to see more and more men sporting them because in my own experience of mi amore, no encouragement is needed to give up the daily grind of scraping at the face with a razor.  …Which is an interesting side topic in itself, because there are things that women do on a regular basis in order to look good, and usually without complaint, like face packs, moisturising, shaving and waxing various places, and of course make up. But I digress…

According to the article in the Daily Mail in a survey of 2000 men and women, 63% of men thought that facial hair made them look more manly and attractive (poor deluded innocents) while, you guessed it, 92% of women said that they preferred a man who was clean-shaven, 95% actually finding facial stubble a romantic turn-off.  Come on guys, really you knew this already, didn’t you?

I have to say that in the photos above the top two bother me more, especially the shot of Brad Pitt.  Why? because at least Jim Carrey and Keanu Reeves seem to have exercised some degree of control over their mane, as though they actually care what they look like.  I’m afraid darling David and the normally beautiful Brad look like they just don’t give a stuff.  What do you think?


Art CompPlease don’t forget, my photo/art competition ends this Sunday…so still time to enter, but don’t delay!


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Five Words

5 wordsThis is my contribution to the clever  ‘Five Words’ meme.  If you haven’t come across it, it works on the premise that five words can say so much about you.  My five words were provided by Joanna at The Fifty Factor, who in turn had been given five words to write about by another blogger (Betty at A glimpse into midlife).  If you’d like to take part, tell me in the comments below and I’ll send you your own five words to write about.

Here goes …

1. France

Interesting, she said, all strokey beardy…  Well as you probably know, a good proportion of my genetic make-up is from France and my geographical location means that I’m within spitting distance of the country.  In fact, on a clear day we can see clear across to the French coast and even pick out the little houses with their window panes twinkling in the sun and the familiar shape of a line of wind turbines.  Not surprisingly, we’ve had many holidays over there, our most memorable probably being when mi amore and I were young and recklesss and took his old-style mini over there on the car ferry and proceeded to bomb about the place, from north to south and from east to west.  It was literally a case of ‘where shall we go today’ and off we went, even if that meant driving long into the night in order to find accommodation.  Unbelievably, we covered a distance of 2,000 miles in that rattly little car in the space of just two weeks.

Am I allowed to extend the word ‘France’ to include ‘the French’?  Yes?  Well, personality-wise I’m probably pretty typically French.  I’m very reserved.  I don’t believe in sharing my secrets with every Tom, Dick or Harry and it takes a long, long time for me to get to know people and take them to my heart.  However once there, I’ll most likely be your friend for life and, it has to be said, expect your loyalty in return. I’m also patient and quiet, but don’t for goodness sake make the mistake of prodding, poking or pushing me into a corner.  Then I’ll go up like a settler’s powder.  That is a very French trait.

2. Space

In earth terms, ‘space’ is something I greatly value.  I spend much of my day out here in the peace and space of the countryside and have become so accustomed to it that crowded, noisy places make me very jittery.  While I’d like to see more of the world’s cities, I can only take them in small doses and what makes me happiest is going somewhere with wide open spaces where I can stare far away to the horizon.  Those places make me feel very happy and fill my soul.

I thought I’d include space, as in ‘the moon, stars and planets’.  I’m a sky watcher and the night sky gives me a thrill.  I’ll often wonder, when I’m staring up at the heavens, whether some intelligent being is out there, millions of miles away, doing exactly the same, effectively staring back at me.  Which brings me to the fact that yes, I do believe in life elsewhere and think that it’s actually extremely arrogant, given the infinitessimal size of the universe,  to think that there isn’t.  That also brings me to the fact that as a teenager I heard a UFO flying over our house.  Yes I know that’s totally random and out there.  It was late one night and the most unearthly loud sound, definitely from some large, fast moving object, went rushing above our house.  My brother heard it too because we both came blasting out of our rooms into the hallway.  It was totally unlike anything I’d heard before or heard since.  I’m well aware that it’s cool to make fun of people like me but there we are.  I know what I heard … or more to the point, I suppose, I have no idea at all what I heard – and neither would you if you’d been there!

3. Morning

Love it.  I am totally a morning person and can often be found in here at my desk, some time around dawn, internet surfing, writing, fiddling with photos or designing something.  I love to catch both dawn and sunset but where sunset can just occasionally make me feel a little melancholic that another day has ended, dawn fills me with enthusiasm for what is ahead.

4. Artistic

That’s me – no doubt about it.  Unfortunately I came from a family who weren’t and so they really didn’t get me.  As I wasn’t much use at maths and science I was considered a bit of a dummy and I have to say therefore that it was only when I left home that I started to find my artistic feet.  Undoubtedly because of this when I saw even a spark of creativity in my girls I encouraged it to the nth degree.  I’m a strong believer now that we all have some creativity within us (even those of us who say we are no good at drawing), and that being creative in something is a way to relax in our over-stressed western world.  I’m also extremely frustrated, to this day, that art as a subject is still very much given second billing in our schools.  Art, in its many forms, not only enriches us as humans by reflecting the beauty of nature, it makes for a happier environment and improves the quality of our lives.  From the buildings that we live and work in, to the transport that we ride in, right down even to the kettle that we use to make our morning coffee.  Each and every aspect was designed by talented artists to be both functional and attractive.

5 Adventure

I’ve never been the type to go on what you might call ‘adventure holidays’ – up the Orinoco in a dugout or trekking the foothills of the Andes, and yet each trip to a new place is an adventure to me and something that I actually need in order to maintain my sanity.  Ironically, having just said that, in life I prefer that not too much changes on a day to day basis because change frightens me – I like to have some idea of what lies ahead.  We’re probably shortly going to start going through some monumental changes around here and although, I have to be honest, this partly terrifies, I also regard it as a big new adventure that could ultimately lead us to a happier future. So, I’d have to say that, trite but true, life is an adventure.


Wow, those were my five words and although I was nervous about taking part (for some reason best known to my inner psyche) I really enjoyed that.  Thank you Joanna.

Remember, if you’d like to take part, just let me know in the comments below and I’ll give you your own five words.


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This and That

BirdsI’m definitely a morning person.  Certainly during the Summer I’m up with the birds (or before), woken by the almost imperceptible change in light in the bedroom that happens close to dawn.  I love being up so early because the world is absolutely silent, as though it all belongs just to me.  I’m also in a way more creative frame of mind this early in the day and both writing and anything artistic seems to flow more easily.  Conversely, mi amore has always been a night owl.  I’ve just heard him head to the bathroom (at 6.20 in the ayem) … and then head back to bed.  This makes me smile because his alarm goes off at 6.40 on work days, so, to me, there is no point in going back to bed.  Why not stick to the weekly routine and make the most of his day off?  And therein lies the difference between a morning and an evening person!


The ‘project’ I’ve been working on?  (Finally getting around to selling some of the artistic output of this family).  It’s all coming together nicely.  I’ve concentrated on putting together two websites to sell our wares because both offer slightly different products.  There will be prints of photos, prints of original artwork and tee shirts that are suitable for both adults and children.  Other products will come on-line as and when available.   There would have been a flashy third site (because you can never have too much web presence) but its ‘so-easy-to-use-that-it-doesn’t-need-instructions’ programming was so well beyond my poor brain that  I’ve given up for the time being.  I haven’t promoted our wares at all at either site and yet yesterday we made our first sale and in our first few days had featured on the site’s ‘front page’.  This is all so exciting and I hope to ‘launch’ both sites maybe later this week.  I’m being a bit coy about all this simply because I wanted to get a decent amount of our work on both sites before introducing them to my friends here.


LurkingKind of apropos of the above… what is it with people who lurk on websites?  I know from my ‘stats’ how many visitors pass by these shores, yet my ‘comments’ section remains sparsely ‘populated’.  (I hate modern business speak so I don’t quite know why I used that word in that context).  I said I may do some kind of give away / competition to mark the start of our art venture but I’m worried that so few people will participate that it will be a bit of a damp squib and an utter failure.  I don’t know about you, but I love it when people leave comments.  I’m a shy person so you’d think maybe that I’d be a bit reticent about speaking up, even on the web.  The reality is that I find the anonymity of the web makes it far easier for me to speak.  The internet, and particularly blogs, are surely all about interaction with one another and yet my experience at all the sites I’ve ever run is that the vast majority silently surf,  barely leaving a footprint where they have been.  If you’re out there reading this, lurking in the shadows, please do make yourself known.  If I’m going to do a give away or comp, it’d be nice to know where our work is potentially heading.


Apropos of that last para… on second thoughts, some of the people who swing by AC’s Scrapbook needn’t necessarily ‘de-lurk’ themselves.  I’ve just visited my stats page again and if you are one of those who have come here on the heels of a ‘no knickers’ word search, I suspect you will only find that one post of any interest. To be honest, I’m getting a little jaded by seeing that I am apparently the place to find information and to see ladies with apparently no knickers.


And on that note, I’m outta here…


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