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13 Steps to a Perfectly Made Bed

I’m not sure I could be bothered will all of this all of the time but it’s good to know as I too love the crisp perfection of hotel beds. It’s also well worth reading the comments after this article for yet more hints from readers.


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Jason Hawkes

There is a wonderful set of images posted at the moment on The Big Picture site, all by photographer Jason Hawkes.  Jason has been photographing aerial shots since 1991 and I just love the different view that this gives us of the world – both thought provoking and beautiful.  It’s very hard to pick just one favourite.  This one below caught my eye because it’s of tomatoes dumped on the banks of the River Durance in France.  From the air it looks like a painting.  Go and have a look for yourself at this great collection.

Dumped tomatoes

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Cake Wrecks

I saw this set of photos in UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph, compiled from award winning blog Cake Wrecks (when professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong). 

My favourite, I think, is the one below…what on earth were they thinking?!!

Baby cake

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