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betty-rubbleI was in our local Marks & Spencer Food Hall again last week, despite a promise to myself to wean myself away from all of those highly priced and sensational looking goodies.  My mode of shopping is far more ‘continental housewife’ than your regular UK shopper, i.e. I go equipped only with the most basic of ideas of what we need and just see what looks fresh and tasty when I arrive.  In Marks, everything looks fresh and tasty, and therein lies the downfall of many an unwary shopper – myself included.  (Marks, in case you don’t know, is well known for selling very highly priced food….the £3 prawn is not unheard of for instance).  

So there I am, standing in front of the butchery section eyeing up a couple of tasty looking sirloin steaks, my mind ticking away:

Hmmm … they might be a good idea.  We’ve been feeling a bit jaded in this dull winter weather and a couple of steaks would go down a treat.  [Reading the blub now] ‘Ethically raised, organic meat, hung for 28 days for maximum flavour and tenderness’.   Yeah, that sounds good.  Those and some nice green veg….Bet they’re not cheap though…where’s the price?…

Then I saw it: £29.98 

WHAT???!!!  As near as dammit thirty Pounds for two steaks!  Are you completely INSANE?!!!!  

I got sausages instead … but then I spotted the bunch of Protea flowers on my way out.  Come on!  How often do we see Protea flowers over here in winter?  Gotta have me some of that cheery South African sunshine for the coffee table …

Scores on the doors?  Marks and Spencer : 1         AngelCel : 0



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