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Women – Know your limits!

A Friday giggle from the brilliantly funny Harry Enfield.  I laugh at this but, rather spookily, I’m pretty sure I did actually see a ‘public information film’ not far off this when I was a very young child!  My how times have changed (I hope).



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Old charm and Easter wishes

MTarrant, 2I’ve said before here that I love old graphics and amongst other things have quite a good collection of old postcards.  I think it was such a charming practise, to send one another postcards, not just to wish seasonal greetings but even just to say hello, enquire after someone’s well-being or express how much you enjoyed your recent get together.  For me part of the joy of collecting postcards is in reading those lovely messages on the back.  It’s such a shame we no longer take the time to do this – emails and texts just don’t do it for me and certainly won’t stand the test of time.

Interestingly, many of the great illustrators were women, at a time when most of us imagine that women were very centred around the house, bringing up baby.  The graphics here are by well-known illustrator Margaret Tarrant.  Her work is much more detailed than the cards I usually collect but I love it all the same, probably because it reminds me of book illustrations from when I was a child. (There again, Sponge Bob Square Pants can’t hold a candle to these beautiful old illustrations, which were pieces of fine artwork in themselves).

I’ve picked the one below because it has an Easter feel to it and I’m wishing friends and contacts here on the web a very safe, happy and peaceful Easter weekend.  Whatever your faith, may your God go with you.

M.Tarrant, 1


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Easter wishes

Wishing all my friends and contacts here on the web a very happy and peaceful Easter weekend.

Antique Easter postcard


‘I’m sending you a message,

Wishing you every good,

May the fairy-folk work overtime,

To bring you all they should.’


Antique Easter postcard, c1900-1910

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Gentle Voice

During the last 30+ years I’ve been a career woman, homemaker and run my own business .  Honestly?  It’s the homemaking part that still gives me the most pleasure.  I enjoy being in charge of my own little domain, making it a safe, comfortable, happy and attractive place for the rest of my family and seeing how everyone benefits from the fruits of my labour.  I’ve also had an interest in anything creative, not just old fashioned arts and crafts like embroidery but also in making and using herbal and natural beauty products.  In other words my head is stuffed with ‘old knowledge’ – the kind of thing your Mum or Grandma used to know.  

I’ve written a journal both on and offline for years now and in recent times have started to record some of this ‘old knowledge’ for posterity – pretty much so that my children and, I hope, their children will have a resource they can just dip into from time to time.  We all pick up our own compendium of tips as we go along in life and it all becomes so obvious, so second nature, that it’s hard to think that others don’t already know all this stuff.  But they don’t.   The fact of the matter is that the younger generations coming up behind us have, in their turn, to learn it all for themselves.  That’s who this site is aimed at – anyone starting out, but if you’re older I hope there will also be plenty here to interest you too.  I’d like to make this a useful one stop locale to find out all the things your Mum or Grandma would have told you, if only she’d had the time.

My grandma Mollie was the inspiration behind ‘Voix Douce’ – translated as ‘gentle voice’ and, for non-French speakers, pronounced ‘vwa doos’.  There are many times when I wish I still had someone around like her to call for advice.    

I hope to be the gentle voice you can turn to, to look up things you’d like to know: tips to make housework easier, save money by using commonly available natural alternatives when cleaning, herbal/natural beauty products you can easily make, cookery tips and favourite recipes, embroidery, gardening and much more.  Basically if it involves you and your home, there will probably be something here to pique your interest.  Well, that’s the plan! 

Comments / feedback always welcome, in fact I thrive on them!

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