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The Limitations of Winter

I’ve always thought that the hardest time, for me at any rate, to take photographs is during the cold, dull Winter months.  Days are short, nothing is growing and the skies are too often a great blanket of steel grey.  It’s easy to find subjects to capture through the lens when the world is awake and growing but in Winter I have to look a lot harder. 

I was looking through my photos yesterday however and it suddenly struck me that some of the most interesting, and in fact some of the most striking, are taken at this time of year.  Last year I was fed up staying hunkered down at home during the bitterly cold spell that had swept over us and I headed down to the harbour, just to see what there was to see.  It was deserted because clearly only an idiot would be out on such a horrible day, but at the end of the pier several huge marker buoys had been hauled up onto dry land for maintenance.  Surprisingly, they provided some of my favourite Winter photos to date.  I love their colour, texture and the fact that these pieces of working equipment reflect the wear and tear of all those months in the salt water around our shores. 

Jersey Buoys, 1


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