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Saturday Snapshots (late again)

I completely forgot to post my photo for Chere’s Saturday Snapshots but I like the whole idea of someone posing the criteria and I see which photo it comes up with, so I’m posting this anyway.

This is from my penultimate photo folder, first photo in the 10th row.  It was taken in London in 2001 and is the view from the Tate Modern Gallery, looking across the Thames towards St Paul’s Cathedral.  The recently opened Millennium Footbridge is in the foreground. 

The skies were so, so grey that day that the colour version looked, well ~bleuch~.  I changed it to black and white, which does at least give more definition to the buildings. 

I’d love to see some of your photos so why not join in the ‘Saturday Snapshots Carnival’, even if, like me you are late posting?



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