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Green and Bronze

Here I am posting for Chere’s ‘Saturday Snapshots Carnival’.  On time.  Yay! Go me!

This is following the prompt: ‘April 2009, 28th picture’.  (Please join in and post your own photo…won’t you?  Instructions are over at the above link).

Actually it’s lucky it was the 28th picture really because shortly before this was a series of photos of our patio being built. (‘How exciting’ I hear you say).

This photo was taken in the early morning when I noticed that there was an incredible golden light illuminating the branches of the trees at the bottom of our garden.  It highlighted the moss-covered limbs of a big old oak and made the twigs of a prunus tree shine red and bronze.

Green and Bronze

Green and Bronze, April 2009


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Gentle Dusk

I have just stopped one of our kittens from chewing the wires that lead to my computer, whilst attempting to stop the other from scaling the shelving that would eventually lead to the top of the storage units here in my office (where he would no doubt get stuck and be well beyond my reach).  All this was after I had moved two more plants to a place of safety (because they were chewing them), pulled them away from the fan for the umpteenth time (although the wire mesh, I think, protects them from harm, you never can be too sure), saved my computer (because one of them stood on the keyboard, pressed something and caused the whole lot to crash), and disentangled one of them from the string on their fish toy (kittens, like children will find a way to make even the most innocent of items quite deadly).  Am I feeling stressy?  Just a bit.  Which is why when the evening comes and I have the baby-sitting back-up of my husband and daughter, I breathe a sigh of relief.  It’s over to them.

Gentle Sunset

Dusk, 28th May 2009.


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