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Hope for Paws

Many of you will have already seen this totally incredible tiger photo, with over 4,600 comments and 77,000 views, on Flickr.  (I urge you to click on that link because it truly is a photo that you will never forget).  The photographer, Eldad Hagar does wonderful work in rescuing injured, sick and unwanted animals in the Los Angeles area.  He has just posted a video on YouTube of a rescue he recently went on – an injured dog that had been knocked by a car.  It’s ultimately a heart-warming and wonderful story.  I believe Eldad and his helpers fulfil an important role with their ‘Hope for Paws’ organisation.

This video may make you shed a tear if you’re an animal lover, but according to the YouTube comments, this story has a very happy ending in that Mr Pooch has now been adopted into a new home. 



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Rescuing Bibi

I must admit that I find human beings frustrating, complex and often simply beyond my comprehension.  We sometimes do such unspeakable things to those around us.  However we are also capable of such kindness and selfless courage in order to help not just fellow humans but also helpless animals.  Today’s Mail Online has a story that covers the rescue of Bibi, a tiny Maltese schitzu. Bibi was blown by a strong wind into the ocean and might have drowned had it not been for a brave and kind-hearted member of the public, Raden Soemawinata. Positive news stories like this are a joy to see.

Bibi Rescue1

Bibi rescue 2

Bibi rescue 3


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Feelgood Friday

Hare,1Found this lovely story in today’s Daily Mail newspaper.  As Leila Goss drove home one night she found a heavily pregant hare that had just been killed by a car.  The hare was still warm so Leila rushed it home and performed an emergency caesarian section on it to rescue the babies.  One survived, the sex of which is still unknown, so it will either be named Verity if it’s a girl or Kenny if it’s a boy.  Verity / Kenny is heart-meltingly lovely and Leila is an absolute hero.  You can read the full story over at the Daily Mail’s site here.

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