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Sleep, Rest and Recoup


Tips for a restful night’s sleep

If you’re reading this, logic tells me that you are concerned about lack of sleep.  First of all, it’s important to say that  while 8 hours is the accepted norm for a good night’s sleep, you needn’t necessarily feel bad because you routinely sleep for less than this.  Some people actually only need 4 hours (Margaret Thatcher being a famous example), while others are out for the count for a full 12 (just about every teenager on the planet).  

However, sleep deprivation, when your body is telling you that you need more rest (!),  can be both debilitating and depressing and no one really wants to resort to potentially addictive chemicals to solve the problem. There are so many possible causes, cures and herbal remedies that I thought it might be helpful to put together a whole list of them.  I hope you’ll find something here to help. 

Herbal Help

Lavender has been known for centuries to induce relaxation and can be used in a number of ways: a couple of drops of essential oil sprinkled on the corner of your pillow will help, as will  lavender oil in a cold diffuser placed in the lavender-1bedroom.

A warm bath, at the optimum time of two hours before bed, helps to regulate body temperature to an ideal level and is particularly helpful when combined with lavender products like bubble bath and body lotion.

Herbal teas can also prove useful – chamomile and valerian (which is often combined with hops) are both well-known for aiding relaxation and sleep.  While both will help with insomnia, I’ve read recently that valerian, especially when combined with ‘chaste tree’ may help with sleep maintenance. 

Extra help and accepted wisdom

Even 20 minutes of gentle exercise during the day can help to stop stress hormones from interfering with sleep.

Try to avoid heavy meals just before bed – a minimum two hour gap between meal and bed is a good idea.

art-deco-girl-11Avoid caffeine drinks like regular tea, coffee and cola in the evening.

Is your actual bed ‘up to muster’?  The lifespan of a bed depends largely upon quality but as a rule of thumb, if your bed is ten to twelve years old you should probably replace it.  (Here’s a tip: If you suffer from backache, it may just be your bed)!

Equally, do you need new pillows?  There are a huge variety of pillows out there – foam, feather, down – and it may just be that a change of pillow would help you get a restful night’s sleep.

Try to avoid sheets with a high synthetic content.  Sheets with a high cotton content allow your skin to breathe, which in turn makes the bed feel more comfortable.  (I tend to buy sheets with a maximum cotton / minimum polyester content, simply because I’ve found some pure cotton sheets can be an absolute swine to launder).


Try to ensure that your bedroom is furnished fairly simply and is clutter free.  Psychologically, a clutter free bedroom makes for a calmer and more relaxing atmosphere.

Look at using colours for walls, carpets and soft furnishings that you personally find relaxing.  Traditionally shades of blue and green evoke feelings of calm and relaxation in many people but you may have something else in mind.  (For example, I always seem to opt for gentle creams). 

Try not to watch TV or work in bed.  Your bedroom should become associated in your mind with your own haven of peace and utter relaxation.

off-to-bed1The best temperature for a relaxed sleep is surprisingly cool, i.e. 68 degrees.  Fit individual thermostats to radiators if you can so that you can keep your bedroom at this temperature (and save money)!

It goes without saying that minimising noise and light will also help – it’s strange but true that even though you are asleep you will become aware of increasing light levels in a room where the curtains / blinds allow the morning light to percolate through.

If you live in a quiet area and it is safe to do so, leaving a ‘top light’ /small window slightly ajar to let in some fresh air is a good idea.  Good sleep doesn’t happen easily in a stuffy, ‘sealed’ room with stale air.

Less obvious but worth mentioning anyway:

Airing the room each day, allowing a fresh supply of oxygen to flow through your room will keep it smelling sweet and welcoming.

Toss back the covers each morning to allow cool air to permeate the bed covers.  Even half an hour of this while you shower will keep the bed smelling fresh (not to mention keeping any mites at bay)!

Make the bed each day – an un-made bed doesn’t exactly call you to its gentle embrace, now does it?

Change the bed sheets each week (hopefully you knew that one already)!


I really, really hope something here will be of help.  Let me know how you get on and…

Remember if this is an on-going problem and you feel at all concerned you should still talk to your doctor.



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Hit me with those laser beams!

WirelessHave you ever thought about the eventuality of being elderly and in an old people’s home?  I can’t say I find there is anything to smile about in that except for the thought of music night, when a helpful volunteer comes in to tickle the ivories whilst we all sing along.  For other generations the songs are well known old ballads like ‘Underneath the Arches’.  What on earth will my generation and beyond be requesting?  There are several extremely vulgur ditties that I can think of, the lyrics of which I just cannot imagine old folks singing along to.  However, one that ‘slips under the wire’ but only just, is the song below.  It’s one of my all time favourites for its fantastic bass, the rhythm of which (I’m told) happens to cleverly mimic an excited heartbeat.  Whenever I hear it I have to turn the volume up high and then it’s impossible to act like the prune and sit still.  (For those with finer sensibilities you just have to gloss over those lyrics which are, of course, all about sex).  

Yes, I wonder how the volunteer sitting at the old ‘Joanna’ will cope when asked to start pumping out ‘Relax’ by Frankie goes to Hollywood.  …And there I’ll be, over in the corner, shouting with delight and punching the air with my arthritic arm when we reach the line:

‘Hit me with those laser beams!’


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Celestial SignsYesterday I described some simple eye exercises to keep the muscles around your eyes in tip top condition, finishing with a type of ‘palming’. 

Palming developed in yoga and has been around for many years.  Sometimes used to improve eyesight, it is also a useful tool for de-stressing and relaxation.  You can lie down if you wish but I’m going to describe the technique that I think is particularly useful – because it can be practised at your desk.   

Sit at your desk and lean your elbows on the desk top – you can rest your elbows on a cushion or something like a jacket if it makes you more comfortable.  Now bring your palms to your eyes and gently cup the eye socket area (do not press at your eyes.).  You may find that slightly overlapping or interlocking your fingers on your forehead is helpful.  Open your eyes into the darkness that your cupped hands have created.  If you see any slivers of light, adjust your hands so that you are plunged into total darkness.  Close your eyes again and relax, breathing deeply.  How long you stay like this is up to you (this is all about making you feel better not achieving a goal) and, only if you want to,  you can use this time to employ visualisation techniques to mentally transport you to your favourite quiet location.

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