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No Regrets

robbie-williams-6If you’ve been around here a while you’ll have realised by now that I’m a big fan of singer Robbie Williams. I’m in very good company. This week Robbie performed live for the first time in three years at a record breaking sell-out concert at London’s Roundhouse theatre. As the show was also being screened at 250 cinemas across 23 countries, as well as being broadcast on 23 radio stations, it’s estimated that he reached an audience of an almost unbelievable 33 million people. It puts him firmly back in the Guinness Book of World Records – a place where he is no stranger thanks to his ongoing phenominal chart successes.

This is an old video and the title seemed appropriate for this week. It’s ‘No Regrets’, from 1998. (Fans of the Pet Shop Boys may recognise Neil Tennant on backing vocals).

Robbie’s had his fair share of troubles over the years and has a  surprisingly fragile ego. I sincerely hope that this time he’s back, healthy and strong, having finally exorcised his demons.

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Michael Jackson

Michael JacksonWell that was a hell of a shock.  I wonder how the press, who have had a field day vilifying this man in recent years, will deal with the news of his sudden and untimely death.

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Gaga Pants

Control-briefsAccording to UK retailer Debenhams, sales of control pants have risen by 30% since the rise in popularity of singer Lady Gaga.  Good thing too, I can’t be doing with all those strings.  A girl needs to keep her kidneys warm.


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Do you find that you like Lily Allen’s music, even though you feel you shouldn’t?  Her songs may initially sound simple and juvenile but then you get pulled in by her clever lyrics that are like poetry and that’s it – you’re singing along.  One of my favourites here – such a cheery sounding ditty … until you catch what she’s singing about.  Makes me glad to be living in the boondocks! 

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