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For the first time in months, this weekend my husband and I have nothing that we have to be doing.  This morning we did our usual weekend recce over breakfast, discussing what must be done over the next two days and both felt as if we’re somehow forgetting something vital.  We’re not.  Our time is our own.  In my head the tumbleweed is rolling across the open prairies and you know what?  It’s a nice feeling.

I have this theory that constantly being idle is actually bad for the spirit.  On the other hand I can confirm that constantly having something to do is equally bad.   I’m glad that we can get back to the happy medium.  Today will be the normality of a trip to the pet supply shop for cat bics and blob, followed by, who knows?  Maybe a trip to the beach for a ‘Mr Whippy’ from the ice cream van.  Ah…normality.  I like normality.

0232, Bike Ride



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Dolphins at play

The photo below appears in today’s Daily Mail.  Temporarily banish any question (as I have) over whether it’s right or wrong to keep these beautiful creatures in captivity.  The fact remains that they are a joy for us to see close up. It’s believed that they are exhibiting play behaviour by blowing bubbles which they then break into smaller bubbles by biting them.  The smaller bubbles rise rapidly to the surface and the dolphins occasionally like to swim through them.  Although I may not think it’s right to keep dolphins in captivity, it’s nonetheless a photo that makes me smile.  They look like a bunch of pals, happily posing for the camera.



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