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Saturday Snapshots

Posted for Chere’s Saturday Snapshots, the prompt for which this week is ‘something green’.  This went up on my Flickr photostream last year and pulled in a grand total of just 3 comments.  It’s actually one of my favourite photos, which just goes to show that you never can tell what people will and won’t like.  I do hope that when I reveal my my ‘new venture‘ (shortly now) you will at least go and look.  (Pretty please?) I promise you that it won’t all be arty shots of leaves, (heh…not by a long shot actually) and that it may well be to your advantage!

0090, Glossy Green

Glossy Green (Laurel leaves)



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The lie of the land

On this auspicious day of 09.09.09 (depending upon which culture you follow) I’m going to come clean and make an announcement.  The photo projects that I mentioned?  One was really by the by – to actually enter a photo competition this year, rather than thinking about it so much that I missed the closing date.  I have that one ‘in hand’ as we speak – prints ordered and now I just have to pick what I think is the best and send it off.

More important however is the other photo project and here is why I should come clean about this – it’s going to take a whole lot more time than I anticipated.  I’m currently in the process of setting up an art and design venture with my two daughters, both of whom are talented at art but both of whom are earning their daily crusts in a strictly financial environment (not much of a creative outlet there then).  As three people who love creating things I thought it about time that we put our heads together and started taking our love of art, craft and design more seriously.  Post stroke I’ve concentrated on photography so that’s why I referred to a ‘photo project’  but our venture will be so much more than that.

I’m going to make a point of checking in here regularly, mainly because if I didn’t I’d start to miss you, and partly because being here is simply a welcome rest for my poor frazzled brain. (Things described on the web as ‘so easy to set up that they don’t need instructions’ ?  Clearly when the wizz kids wrote the code they hadn’t come across someone as computer illiterate as me).

So that’s the lie of the land around here.  When we’re ready to go public I’ll be celebrating our launch with some kind of promotion or prize / giveaway.   ‘Oh no! Not another blog giveaway‘ I hear you cry.  Oh yes, you better believe it!  Trust me, you won’t want to miss it.

Oh, and I should say that my other WordPress site of Voix Douce is still hanging around in the wings, ever faithfully dispensing pearls of wisdom (although, there again, not as often as I’d like).  I’m a bit like the Scarlet Pimpernel.  If I’m not here …you may find me there!

0071, Butter Cream


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A la prochaine*

Things have been quiet in my little corner of the internet lately.  Whether it’s that children have been heading back to school, or are about to do so, or that late Summer holidays are being grabbed before the Autumn chill starts to make its’ presence known – for whatever reason, many of the bloggers I read have fallen silent.  Now it’s my turn.  I have a couple of photo projects on the go that need my concentration.  If I’m not around here much for the next few days therefore, now you know why.

*A la prochaine (until the next time)

Into the distance

Into the Distance


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Portuguese Joe

Posting this for Chere’s Saturday Snapshots – which makes no sense, I know, (since I’ve just done ‘Sunday in my City), but trust me, Chere won’t mind.

This is the 10th photo from my 6th folder and is from our holiday to New England in 2007. This was from a memorial plaque on the seafront at Gloucester, Mass. commemorating fishermen lost at sea. What caught my eye was the name just under the ‘1887’ date. It simply says ‘Portuguese Joe’ and I found that particularly poignant. Joe needed no surname in the fishing community of Gloucester he was just ‘Portuguese Joe’ to them and he lost his life thousands of miles away from home.

Portuguese Joe

An added extra (same folder)…The famous ‘Man at the Wheel’ statue, Gloucester, which stands by the above memorial.



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For the first time in months, this weekend my husband and I have nothing that we have to be doing.  This morning we did our usual weekend recce over breakfast, discussing what must be done over the next two days and both felt as if we’re somehow forgetting something vital.  We’re not.  Our time is our own.  In my head the tumbleweed is rolling across the open prairies and you know what?  It’s a nice feeling.

I have this theory that constantly being idle is actually bad for the spirit.  On the other hand I can confirm that constantly having something to do is equally bad.   I’m glad that we can get back to the happy medium.  Today will be the normality of a trip to the pet supply shop for cat bics and blob, followed by, who knows?  Maybe a trip to the beach for a ‘Mr Whippy’ from the ice cream van.  Ah…normality.  I like normality.

0232, Bike Ride


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I’m lacking in inspiration for things to post in my scrapbook here.  Rather than scrape the barrel and lower the tone by discussing my health (‘no thanks‘, I hear you cry), or numbskull political decisions like certain prisoners who have been released (again ‘no thanks‘), I’m posting a pretty pic from my Flickr photostream. It’s a bit of a ‘place holder’ here until …whenever.

And now I’m off out to the farm shop – I’m planning on making fresh Ratatouille for dinner tonight. What’s on the menu round your way?

0061, Nestled, 1


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Green and Bronze

Here I am posting for Chere’s ‘Saturday Snapshots Carnival’.  On time.  Yay! Go me!

This is following the prompt: ‘April 2009, 28th picture’.  (Please join in and post your own photo…won’t you?  Instructions are over at the above link).

Actually it’s lucky it was the 28th picture really because shortly before this was a series of photos of our patio being built. (‘How exciting’ I hear you say).

This photo was taken in the early morning when I noticed that there was an incredible golden light illuminating the branches of the trees at the bottom of our garden.  It highlighted the moss-covered limbs of a big old oak and made the twigs of a prunus tree shine red and bronze.

Green and Bronze

Green and Bronze, April 2009


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