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I received this photo in an email that was flying around yesterday.  The photographer had gone outside to capture images of the storm and was unaware of what else was out there until it was illuminated by a flash of lightning.  Can you imagine?!….

Tornado and Lightning

Taken 2 April 2009, Lariat Sandrdge Energy South of Ft. Stockton, Texas


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The little white house

0268, The little white house

Le Don Hilton / La Caumine de Marie Best,  St Ouen,  Jersey, UK.

The little building is a former guard house, constructed in 1765 and the surrounding area is sprinkled with Common Thrift and rare Alderney Sea Lavender.


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Ghostly observer?

Photo taken from Obama’s victory speech in Ohio: See the ghostly face in front of the new President’s?  …Spooky!…



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Alien Bubble 3Yesterday I referred to two articles I had found on the web, both Google ‘sightings’ – one of a ghost in Cardiff, one of an ET-like alien in New Jersey.  When I saw both articles in tandem I had begun to smell a rat and according to website ‘Switched’ the ghost was one of several pranks perpetrated by Google itself in order to promote its new street mapping service.  (Sorry to disappoint you there).

The reason I’ve come back to this today is two-fold:

Firstly, did you know that the mere mention of ‘ghost’ and ‘alien’ in your web page or tags vastly increases web traffic?  (Yes, I’m guessing you probably did – I’m pretty slow with this web stuff).  Yesterday this humble little blog was all ablaze with activity.  Of course, I can’t recommend this method of increasing web traffic because if you don’t deliver with actual content on those two subjects then people will probably be quite miffed with you and never cross your threshold again.

Secondly, I’m intrigued as to why so many of us are fascinated with ghosts and aliens. With all the technology that surrounds us you’d think that we’d all be on the side of the cynical scientists, yet we still crave that frisson of fear that comes with stories of the unknown.  I’m no different – I had rather hoped that the Cardiff ghost was for real and admit that despite my misgivings about the story, I was still  disappointed yesterday to find that it was a scam.  Naughty Google-peeps!

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Google Alien

Meanwhile (to complement the other article I’ve found this morning involving a ghost), an ‘alien’ has been captured on film via Google Street View.  The extra terrestrial entity, plus a beam of light, was apparently spotted in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey.


I like to keep an open mind about these things but, hmmm, I fear I’m already seeing a pattern starting to emerge…

According to the article in The Daily Mail, this alien sighting follows on the heels of another sighting in the same area (this time in Morris County).  Three months ago dozens of residents reported flickering lights floating across the night sky.

(The above article also contains a sighting of Liam Gallagher and I’m not sure why both were included in the same article, unless the staff at the Daily Mail are making some connection between Mr G and ET)!  😉

You can read this article in The Daily Mail here.

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Google Ghost

I’ve just found this over at The Daily Telegraph.  Seen on Google Street View it appears to show the ghost of a Victorian lady in the once notorious docklands area of Tiger Bay, Cardiff, UK, where a series of murders were committed 200 years ago.  The full story can be read here(BTW, I also looked up the  Google alien reported in that story …in case you’re interested)!


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