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I find this photo, on the REUTERS site today, very poignant yet lovely. Anyone with pets knows that there are times when the comfort they provide is totally beyond measure.

Woman n cat

A woman sleeps with her cat, inside an evacuation center for victims hit by floods caused by Typhoon Ketsana, locally known as Ondoy, in the town of Taytay, Rizal east of Metro Manila, October 13, 2009.

REUTERS/John Javellana


lovelyblogawardGoodness me, I’m editing this entry, late in the day because I have three thank yous that I really need to say. I’ve just noticed that Slamdunk has highlighted my photo comp, I was very remiss yesterday for not thanking my dear and long-term blogging buddy Laura (at Snerkology) for doing likewise and Amanda at Teasingly Diverse has also promoted my cause.  You’re all very kind.  Thanks too to Amanda for giving me this Award.  I should now hand it on to 15 other people.  I hope you don’t mind if I take a while to ponder this one.  I have a hospital appointment tomorrow and I’m afraid I’m already preoccupied and stewing about it.  (I keep saying that I must have been a cat or a dog in a former life because I have an innate fear of anyone in a white coat).  Anyway, especially in my ‘wobbly’ frame of mind today, I’m really touched by bloggy friends who have taken the time to think of me.  🙂


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Feline Fosbury Flop

Cat standI had one of those weird moments today when panic makes time stand still and thoughts that might well be the basis of an entire conversation in the normal course of events are flashed across the brain and collated at the speed of light.

I had just finished getting washed, dressed and made up, had just popped the mascara back into its tube, zipped up my little make-up bag and put the mirror back in its place by the washhand basin and was thinking to myself how lucky the timing would be because the kittens had fallen peacefully asleep.  That meant that I wouldn’t have to speedily slime my way through a crack in the front door to prevent feline escapees. 

Cat back flipThen I heard it – an ominous thudding and the unhealthy sound of porcelain chinking coming from the bathroom.  I went in to see kitten William, up on the window ledge, chasing a fly and doing a quick succession of Fosbury Flops onto my little white porcelain dish … which sits beside my brand Laura Ashley optic jarspanking new glass optic jar from Laura Ashley (of which I am inordinately fond at the moment)… which sits beside a little blue Wedgewood trinket box.  I went into an instant stressy.  The fly kept buzzing and batting itself frantically against the windows, meaning that even though I had caught William and was extracting his struggling form from the bathroom, in came brother Harry to see what all the fuss was about.  Of course he quickly figured it out and started doing his own back flips amongst my precious possessions.

Cat crawling

Then my brain went into that odd panic slow-mo, where neurons are clearly sparking at supersonic speed and entire lengthy thoughts are processed in nanoseconds.  Inside my brain it went something like this:. 

Question: Do I open the window to let the fly out? Answer: Don’t be silly, the cats will be out and away in an instant.

Question: Do I try to catch the fly?  Answer: Now that’s even more silly.  With what?  Do you think you’re the Shaolin monk out of the Kung Fu series?  Catch it between your thumb and forefinger perhaps? … er, I don’t think so!

Question: Can I catch both cats at the same time and get them out of here?  Answer:  Almost as silly as option two.

Little PrincessQuestion: Do I move my stuff to a place of safety?  Answer:  At last!  Some sense!  But you can’t carry everything at once so what do you save first, brainbox?

I did get my stuff out, but only whilst blubbering like a two-year-old girl  – maybe as a result of blind panic, I don’t know.  (I’ve given up trying to understand why and how I cry so often and so easily, I just do.  Always have).  By the time bits had been moved, the fly had dematerialised (or was eaten) and I looked in the mirror.  I had panda eyes — my mascara had smudged and started to streak down my cheeks.  I had to be out early this morning so I quickly patched up the damage and as I slipped out of the front door minutes later I noticed the cats were cuddling and dozing on the bed as though nothing at all had just happened.  Little [~ bleeeeeep ~]!

Cat stretch

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Man and Beast

blutoOur two new kittens have been using my legs and feet as scratching posts (I suppose their real scratching post doesn’t make that interesting squealy sound when they dig in so it’s not nearly as interesting).  Yesterday I made the mistake of shaving my legs and every little nick, bite mark and scratch that was finally healing was opened up again as a gaping wound.  It was like a scene from ‘SAW’ in the bathroom as I mopped up the resulting carnage.   I cleaned up my legs but I guess they must still have had the odour of blood about them to a sensitive feline nose because, alarmingly, as I stood later doing the washing up, kitten Harry was getting way too excited for my liking, biting at my ankles in an ever increasing frenzy.

During the afternoon two young guys delivered some furniture to our house and having noticed my ‘new kitten’ warning sign on the front door, we got talking about the new additions to this house.  They’d never heard of Bengal cats before and so wanted to know all about them.  Funny, guys don’t normally strike me as being particularly into cats yet I could see their eyes light up when I explained that they were a relatively new cross between the Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat, and yes they could grow really quite large.  Temperament?  Oh yes, very affectionate….although… I then explained Harry’s frenzy at the smell of blood that morning.  Well that was it. 

‘I’ve been thinking of getting a cat’ said one of the delivery guys ‘and I think I’m going to try and get one of these!’

I’d clearly given the impression of sharing my house with only partly tamed beasts of the forest making them sound very exciting.  Maybe I should have opened the kitchen door to show them the reality – William and Harry in all their ‘ferocious’ glory.



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Darling Phoebe

Phoe2007Nov27My writing here and general web surfing has petered out lately because we have ‘stuff’ going on here that is exciting for me, maybe boring for anyone else.  However last week the excitement turned to devastation.  We live down a quiet country lane, one of the few places in this traffic crammed island that it’s fairly safe to keep pets, but last Tuesday some idiot must have come belting down our little lane, knocked down and killed one of our kittens … and then just drove off. 

Yes, I know accidents happen but to me there was no excuse not to stop, ring on our doorbell and face the music.  There are only two property entranceways at this point of the road so it wasn’t hard to guess where she belonged.  Instead she was left, to be found by our neighbour who was out walking his dog.

Phoe17-weeksPhoebe is gone.  Our little darling.  I can’t describe to you how affectionate she was, how very much she loved my husband in particular, and with her extremely gentle ways how loved she was by both humans and our other cats.  She made the sweetest little pipping sound when she wanted to say hello, she often lay on my desk beside me here as I typed or worked on photos, and she was the smartest little soul you could come across.  For us, all our pets have always been very much members of the family but at the stage we’re at in our lives – with children moving away – the companionship that these little furry friends provide is just priceless.  I’ve cried so much in this last week.

Phoebe’s sister, Bo, is quite shell shocked.  She has been sticking close to me, her normally sprightly and playful behaviour has become quiet and listless and at times like my usual sharing of a little bit of turkey at lunch time, she goes to the door to look for her sister.  It’s all totally heart-breaking.

Bo and Phoebe (right)

Bo and Phoebe (right)

On Tuesday I was thinking that was really it for me, I simply couldn’t have any more pets because losing them is just too painful, but two days later the strangest thing happened.  I was at the computer again, mindlessly web surfing when totally by chance I came across an ad on one of our local websites for kittens.  It’s not that I can or want to replace Pheebs but that ad started me thinking that not only would getting a kitten give Bo (who is only 16 months old) someone to play with again, just the idea of a new young life around the house was easing the pain in my heart.  The thing is, advice by vets to neuter/spay all cats that are not kept for breeding has been so very effective here that finding kittens to buy is always extremely difficult – usually it’s a case of hearing about a litter through ‘someone who knows someone’.   If ads appear, they inevitably prompt dozens and dozens of calls and if you’re not quick to phone you well and truly miss the boat.  What were the chances, I thought, that any of these kittens were still available a full two weeks after the ad had been placed?  I broached the subject of getting another kitten with my husband -who has been equally devastated by the loss of ‘his’ special little cat, and to my surprise he too had been thinking that what might help us all, both human and animal, is to introduce a new young life to our home. 

On Saturday we phoned the number on the ad and to our surprise the kittens were still available.  The long and the short of it all is that in two weeks time we will collect two beautiful kittens.  Yes, it had to be two according to my sweetheart of a husband, because no kitten should be re-housed alone. 

Look, no arms

I miss Phoebe each and every day but at least, in the space of a week, my feelings have gone from total devastation to hope for the future, when I know there will be sunshine in this house again.


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