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The Talented Mr. Ripley

Jude LawAccording to TMZ.com, via the Daily Mail (which is where I read it), Jude Law is to be a daddy again after a one night stand with ‘unknown model and actress Samantha Burke’.  I used to really admire Jude, until he fell from grace by turning into too much of a bad boy for my liking.  I think we hear altogether too much about stars’ personal lives nowadays.  I rather like the idea of old Hollywood where the PR machine worked overtime to keep superstars up on their [shaky] pedestals.  It gave us someone to admire, someone to look up to, a world of glitz and glamour to fantasize about.

I always thought Jude fitted into the category of a ‘beautiful’ man and in this photo particularly he reminds me of images I’ve seen of James Dean – same fine features and with piercing eyes.  He definitely has the look of old Hollywood about him. 

Like all of us, his beauty has waned a little with time but I still have a bit of a soft spot for him, mainly because he is in one of my all time favourite films –  The Talented Mr. Ripley.  I don’t think anyone else could have portrayed the character of Dickie Greenleaf as well.  He is the ultimate ‘golden boy’ and Jude himself is probably at his most beautiful.   If by any chance you haven’t seen this film and you like old Hollywood glamour with a Hitchcock edge, go and seek it out.  It’s visually beautiful, glamorous…and chilling.  Definitely my kind of movie.

My Friday video is the film’s trailer but before I go, and whilst we’re on the subject of Mr Ripley, equally worth seeing is ‘Ripley’s Game’, starring John Malkovich as an older, wiser and therefore more chilling Ripley. …In fact, having talked about both, I think I might get in some nibbles and libations and make a double bill of these two tonight.  


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Farrah Fawcett

Farrah FawcettWhat a sad day this is for the world of showbiz .  Unfortunately, and I suppose understandably, Farrah’s death has been hugely overshadowed by the news of Michael Jackson’s sudden death on the same day.  I had an affection for Farrah because I remember her in the 1970s being the epitome of the all-American girl and she had the look that every young woman wanted to emulate.  She is at least at peace now.


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Michael Jackson

Michael JacksonWell that was a hell of a shock.  I wonder how the press, who have had a field day vilifying this man in recent years, will deal with the news of his sudden and untimely death.

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Audrey Hepburn

audhep1A new exhibition in London will be showing virtually unseen pictures of Audrey Hepburn by Hollywood photographer Sam Shaw, famous for having taken the photo of Marilyn standing in a billowing white dress over a subway vent.  The exhibition, which also celebrates Marilyn Monroe, runs from 30th April to 5th July at the Proud Gallery in London and is timed to coincide with what would have been Audrey Hepburn’s 80th birthday, on 4th May.

It’s been a few years since I visited ‘the big smoke’ and I’m unlikely to find the time to visit before the exhibition’s end.  Such a pity, this is something I would love to have seen.



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Bette Davis at her barking best

Ah, they don’t make ’em like they used to.  This clip comes from ‘Whatever happened to Baby Jane’.  I expect they will make a re-hashed new version of this some day soon but it would be tough to get two actresses as wonderful in the central roles of Blanche and Jane (played here by Joan Crawford and Bette Davis).  I think Bette Davis is at her barking best in these scenes.  The body language and facial expression as she stands in the hallway awaiting Blanche’s reaction are just perfect, reminding me of the insouciance of a sullen and very naughty teenager.  The trouble is, I find myself chuckling along as she bursts into cruel laughter.  Does that say something about me do you think?!


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Hit me with those laser beams!

WirelessHave you ever thought about the eventuality of being elderly and in an old people’s home?  I can’t say I find there is anything to smile about in that except for the thought of music night, when a helpful volunteer comes in to tickle the ivories whilst we all sing along.  For other generations the songs are well known old ballads like ‘Underneath the Arches’.  What on earth will my generation and beyond be requesting?  There are several extremely vulgur ditties that I can think of, the lyrics of which I just cannot imagine old folks singing along to.  However, one that ‘slips under the wire’ but only just, is the song below.  It’s one of my all time favourites for its fantastic bass, the rhythm of which (I’m told) happens to cleverly mimic an excited heartbeat.  Whenever I hear it I have to turn the volume up high and then it’s impossible to act like the prune and sit still.  (For those with finer sensibilities you just have to gloss over those lyrics which are, of course, all about sex).  

Yes, I wonder how the volunteer sitting at the old ‘Joanna’ will cope when asked to start pumping out ‘Relax’ by Frankie goes to Hollywood.  …And there I’ll be, over in the corner, shouting with delight and punching the air with my arthritic arm when we reach the line:

‘Hit me with those laser beams!’


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