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Hope for Paws

Many of you will have already seen this totally incredible tiger photo, with over 4,600 comments and 77,000 views, on Flickr.  (I urge you to click on that link because it truly is a photo that you will never forget).  The photographer, Eldad Hagar does wonderful work in rescuing injured, sick and unwanted animals in the Los Angeles area.  He has just posted a video on YouTube of a rescue he recently went on – an injured dog that had been knocked by a car.  It’s ultimately a heart-warming and wonderful story.  I believe Eldad and his helpers fulfil an important role with their ‘Hope for Paws’ organisation.

This video may make you shed a tear if you’re an animal lover, but according to the YouTube comments, this story has a very happy ending in that Mr Pooch has now been adopted into a new home. 



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Help ?

BlondeFor about the last week and a half the internet access from my house has suddenly started to run with all the speed of a geriatric and infirmed snail.  It’s taking a minute or more for each page to load and that takes all the joy out of internet surfing.  It’s a good thing I’ve had plenty of cleaning to be getting on with because on some occasions I’ve undertaken two tasks at once – uploading another of my photos to the web and then going off to do a bit more housework while the computer sits there, apparently contemplating the meaning of life, the universe and everything.  I’m not a computer geek, as well you know, so my only technomabobble solution was to clear my cache.  I only know about this because Googlemail sometimes bleats on about my need for a clean out and I’m forced to pay attention and follow their instructions.

So.  Yesterday I went about purging myself of all the crapola that secretly gets salted away on my computer as I surf.  I had a quick look through what was there, hoping to just delete the obvious rubbish because, of course, a complete purge means having to sign in all over again at all the many password protected pages that I use.  [I’m not one of those people who uses the name of their pet guinea pig at every single site from bangra beat to on-line banking so remembering every sign in combo is a complete pain in the proverbials].  My cache list made for fascinating reading – for someone like me who is already mentally stunted from hours spent staring at half-loaded pages.  Who knew that I needed a cookie installed for on-line wrestling?  (?!?) Or that cookies were needed for any number of diet sites (there’s an irony in that statement, isn’t there?) … especially as I’m not aware of ever visiting such sites.  In the end it became too hard to sift through everything, trying to identify whether or not it was needed, so here I am, having to sign in everywhere again.  That’s OK I suppose – it’s exercise for my poor befuddled brain.  However, you know what alarms me?  …Well two things actually:

a]  When I’m visiting sites like my Hotmail account, I can hear a stream of that ominous tap, tap, tap, click, click, clicking going on in my machine that means that plenty of crapola is being dumped on my machine, to replace the crapola I just got rid of, and

b]  My internet access is no faster.

Any ideas anyone?  Technical assistance would be greatly appreciated, especially if you are able to couch it in words of strictly one syllable. When it comes to technical matters, any more than that and I involuntarily start to glaze over.


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Computer skullduggery

betty-rubbleForresterMcLeod yesterday asked me how I put the ‘Today I am’ photos on the top right of my WordPress web page.  Giving the answer caused some difficulties because it involves some html code and of course when the computer saw that, it didn’t show up as code, but as a blank space.  I’m engaging in some skullduggery here and outwitting the computer by placing a graphic of the html code within a separate post.  Hah – have at you, you computer thing!! [And yes, you computer brainboxes out there, there probably is a much simpler way of doing this but I don’t know it.  Right]?

Here for Forrester, and for anyone else interested in my ‘top right cleverness’ is the explanation:

Upload the picture you want to include to get it into your media library.

Go to the media library – left hand side of your dashboard. Click on the picture, which will bring up its details.  Highlight and copy the image’s ‘File URL’.

Then look back at the dashboard headings on the left of the screen and click on ‘Appearance – Widgets’.

Drag a ‘Text’ widget over to the right of your sidebar (this is all the stuff you have on the right of your web page).  Drag and drop the text widget where you want the photo to be – in your case Forrester you’d drag and drop it to the very top of that column.

Open the text widget box by clicking on the little ‘down’ arrow.

Now you need to type in some html code to tell the computer where your picture is.  I’ll show you the html for one of my ‘top right’ sidebar photos.


You need to type in


Any actual text you want to include goes in the same text box but on a new line below.  Press ‘close’ and that should be it.

If you have any problems, just let me know.  I’m a bit of a twit when it comes to technical issues, but it also means that I’m usually quite good at helping others because I myself have already jumped through many hoops to get things right!

Bonne chance!


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Natural deterrent to aphids

FeverfewBattling with aphids (greenfly) in the garden?  Commercially available insecticides often contain a chemical called pyrethrum which is derived from nature.  Rather than buying bottles of commercially prepared and potentially hazardous chemicals, you can harness the power of nature in deterring greenfly just by some clever planting. 

Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) is a pretty daisy-like plant that contains pyrethrins – very similar to the chemicals in commercial sprays.  Plant Feverfew amongst your flowers and it’s presence will deter the little insect marauders. DaisyGolden feverfew is a pretty plant in its own right – as the name suggests its foliage is a yellow/golden colour – and all plants will readily self-seed all over the garden if you allow them to.  (This plant is also used as a traditional herbal remedy for migraine).

BeeWhilst it is possible to make your own insecticidal spray or powder from these plants I wouldn’t advise it as it is toxic to bees. In its plant form it seems to work well enough for me and does no harm to bees.  Some sources claim that it will deter bees from the garden, although I have never found this to be the case and have often seen bees visiting the feverfew flowers.  


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Lingerie / Laundry bags

Bath Towels with LavenderLaundry bags are useful for more than just delicate lingerie.  Socks notoriously and inexplicably lose their pair whilst going through the washing system.  If you zip all your socks into a laundry bag before washing you will know that all pairs will be coralled into one small space, meaning that there can be no sock escapees.  

Bags can be bought in different sizes and mesh.  Small mesh bags are designed specifically for things like bras so that the hooks cannot snag on anything else in the wash.  Bigger sized bags are available for items as large as blouses and skirts, giving them some extra protection from catching on anything else in the drum of your washing machine.  

All delicate lingerie should ideally be washed by hand if you want it to last longer.  In reality, of course, most of us don’t have the time or inclination to hand wash, especially when we know that washing machines often have a ‘hand wash’ or ‘delicates’ cycle that can be used.  However, underwire bras really don’t take to the mechanical buffeting and twisting they get in the washing machine.  Specially shaped laundry bags/’pockets’ designed specifically to protect under-wire bras are now sold from stores like Lakeland here in the UK***.  Be aware however that these particular bags have received mixed reviews from consumers at the above linked site, so for underwires at least, you may have to stick with washing by hand.

***Link to a supplier in the U.S.

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