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Hope for Paws

Many of you will have already seen this totally incredible tiger photo, with over 4,600 comments and 77,000 views, on Flickr.  (I urge you to click on that link because it truly is a photo that you will never forget).  The photographer, Eldad Hagar does wonderful work in rescuing injured, sick and unwanted animals in the Los Angeles area.  He has just posted a video on YouTube of a rescue he recently went on – an injured dog that had been knocked by a car.  It’s ultimately a heart-warming and wonderful story.  I believe Eldad and his helpers fulfil an important role with their ‘Hope for Paws’ organisation.

This video may make you shed a tear if you’re an animal lover, but according to the YouTube comments, this story has a very happy ending in that Mr Pooch has now been adopted into a new home. 



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A happy start to the weekend

I’m not being a very good blogger lately am I?  No time to web surf you see. I’m also thinking that this blog is really pretty weird because of its scrapbook-type nature.  My last post was about the mafia’s [alleged] misdoings and it’s going to sit alongside a video of cute babies.  I am nothing if not totally random and diverse.

I’m not one of those women who coos, oohs and aaaahs at every baby on the planet but this ad is just adorable and makes me feel good every time I see it. There is something so sweet and special about hearing babies laugh and in this ad the third baby is positively creasing himself.  Wonderful!  Here’s a happy start to the weekend then…

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JK Wedding Entrance Dance

I saw a link to this video at my friend Bonnie’s site yesterday.  I  wanted to include this in my internet scrapbook because, well  – I love it!

This has to be a link because understandably embedding has been disabled – it’s a wedding video with a new and wonderful twist.  If you haven’t seen this already, I urge you to click on the YouTube link.  If you’re anything like me it’ll make your day …Definitely something to smile about.

I hope Jill and Kevin have a very long and happy future together.

JK Wedding

JK Wedding Entrance – YouTube Video


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Independence Day

To all my American friends and readersIndependence Day

(Photo taken at Lake Tahoe, Summer 2008)

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No words necessary

One of the nice things about taking photos regularly is being able to look back on other years at any given time period. It’s a bit like a visual diary – no words necessary. Last year I became enamoured with Flickr and it gave me all the excuse I needed to start taking photos on a weekly basis. The legacy is many, many files that I’m still struggling to work my way through, deciding which to keep and which to dump – a pruning job that is proving very difficult because I’ve always had trouble throwing photos away. A distinct advantage, however, is the fact that I can look at a photo like the one below and even if today’s weather isn’t too terrific, images from past years will tell me that by now winter is receding. Another three weeks and I can go down to the little valley where I shot the photos below and the beautiful and very old magnolia trees should be in full bloom. As someone who sometimes struggles to stay cheerful during the winter months, this is just the news I need. When I see colourful blossom starting to appear, I know that I can come out of my virtual winter hibernation, better weather is just around the corner.

Pink Magnolia



Please note: All my photos are watermarked and copyrighted and therefore should not to be downloaded, used, copied, reproduced or distributed in any way without my prior consent


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Winter antidote, 1

The snow that everyone seems to get so excited about over here is something I really hate.  I tried yesterday to take some pretty photos of the snow covered plants etc. but the truth is, I hate the blandness of it all –  they all look bleuch to me.  So it’s white….and I should get excited because…?      No, no, give me bright colours any day.  

I was photographing orchids last week, practising with a new lens I’d been given for Christmas.  Now here is something that does make me feel good.

Yellow Orchid

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I saw this for the first time last night and I don’t care what a few cynics are saying over at YouTube, this makes me feel happy, so I’m posting it here:

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