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A perfect day

I had the most wonderful day yesterday.  The sun had returned, our kittens were let loose on the world (well, the garden anyway), doors and windows to the house were consequently flung wide open, allowing a gentle Summer breeze to drift through our house for the first time in weeks, and my brother was visiting the island for the first time in 6 years.  It was as if the planets had re-aligned and all good things were heading my way.

We went out to dinner as a big family group last night and sat by the restaurant window, allowing us to watch the sun sinking into the sea way beyond the lighthouse.  On the way home there was a big fireworks display going on above the town and as we drove along the bay I got a free view of it all.

I think I must have done something good in a former life, to now live the life that I do and in such a beautiful place.

I have to tell you, we don’t have any motorways here, just one section of dual carriageway on the outskirts of town on which the speed limit is 40 m.p.h.  As we headed towards town, nearing 10 o’clock at night, we spotted a man on a bicycle – no lights – riding the wrong way on the other side of the dual carriageway (with cars heading towards him).  I suspect his day may not have worked out as well as mine in the end.

0109, Corbiere 1

The Lighthouse – not last night when the sea was almost calm, but on a crisp day in May.



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A day in the life: Tuesday

Elvgren1OK, I think we’ve established already that I suffer from an acute case of internetus paranoiacus and so don’t readily offer up too much information about myself here, meaning that I rarely describe my personal life.  However, for the sake of full disclosure, here is the first in a short series on ‘A day in the life…’.  Sit back and prepare to be riveted.


Tuesday, 7th July

I cleaned the utility room today – which is truly wonderful for me, given the pigging mess that it was in, but hardly interesting for anyone else.   Here’s a question for you though:

How does cat food end up sprayed up the walls?

I’ll leave you to ponder on that.

I also tidied up the garage a bit.  The kittens think that spending their days in a cardboard favella is phenomenal.  Me less so.  So much stuff has been ordered and bought by family members lately that we have sturdy cardboard packages coming out of our ears and whilst I can’t flatten it, because it’s clearly the strongest cardboard known to mankind, I reasoned that stacking it one inside the other would at least free up a six-inch path to the up-n-over door. (Always handy).

Apropos of the newly stacked cardboard boxes in the garage, another one arrived at lunch time – one containing the little white bedside table I’d ordered from Laura Ashley.  Yay!  Of course I have to put it all together (self-assembly you see), but it’s here.  Then I can dump the box.  In the garage.

That Dear Friends is about the long and the short of it for yesterday.  Oh, except that kitten William has started peeing in odd places, like our *!!new!! *!!expensive!!* Stressless leather recliner in the living room (on Monday night) and in one of the cat beds today.  It’s all been cleaned.  In readiness for the next time.

Then there was the totally yummy Sausage and Lentil Concoction that I came up with for dinner last night.  Maybe I’ll post the recipe here some time, except I should probably come up with a better name for it, don’t you think?    ‘Concoction’ sounds like something I rustled up in a chemistry lab.


And there it is.  Tuesday.



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Independence Day

To all my American friends and readersIndependence Day

(Photo taken at Lake Tahoe, Summer 2008)

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St George's Day

Flag of England Happy St. George’s Day!

I made a point of remembering it this year because everyone else has their special national day but we here in England have been made to feel rather ashamed of national pride in recent years.

The world and his wife celebrate St Patrick’s Day, regardless it seems of whether or not they are actually Irish, the Welsh wear their daffodils and leeks with pride on St David’s Day and the Scottish have St Andrew’s day. …Sorry all you Scots out there but if you have a special St. Andrew’s Day symbol my mind has just gone blank and I can’t think of it (a purple thistle???) – but then you folks have a strong sense of national pride and don’t need anyone’s encouragement to celebrate it.

What are we doing for St George’s Day in this country?  Rien.  Zippo. Nada.  I think that’s a crying shame because I happen to think that a strong sense of identity and national pride is important to help maintain a happy, strong and vibrant society.

So…there we are, I’ll say it again : Happy St George’s Day, wear your …..(!?????!…’fill in blank’!) with pride!

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In the right light

Applying lipstickPhotographers understand that the light cast at differing times of day greatly alters the way colours look.  Artists know that the best, consistent, light to paint by is that cast from a north facing window.  Equally, crafters realise that in order to see ‘true’ colours they need to work  by the light of a north facing window or to purchase special ‘blue light’ crafters’ bulbs. 

In exactly the same way, you are the artist of your own face when you apply your make-up, so if you have the option, for best results work in natural light, facing a north aspect window.


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