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Help ?

BlondeFor about the last week and a half the internet access from my house has suddenly started to run with all the speed of a geriatric and infirmed snail.  It’s taking a minute or more for each page to load and that takes all the joy out of internet surfing.  It’s a good thing I’ve had plenty of cleaning to be getting on with because on some occasions I’ve undertaken two tasks at once – uploading another of my photos to the web and then going off to do a bit more housework while the computer sits there, apparently contemplating the meaning of life, the universe and everything.  I’m not a computer geek, as well you know, so my only technomabobble solution was to clear my cache.  I only know about this because Googlemail sometimes bleats on about my need for a clean out and I’m forced to pay attention and follow their instructions.

So.  Yesterday I went about purging myself of all the crapola that secretly gets salted away on my computer as I surf.  I had a quick look through what was there, hoping to just delete the obvious rubbish because, of course, a complete purge means having to sign in all over again at all the many password protected pages that I use.  [I’m not one of those people who uses the name of their pet guinea pig at every single site from bangra beat to on-line banking so remembering every sign in combo is a complete pain in the proverbials].  My cache list made for fascinating reading – for someone like me who is already mentally stunted from hours spent staring at half-loaded pages.  Who knew that I needed a cookie installed for on-line wrestling?  (?!?) Or that cookies were needed for any number of diet sites (there’s an irony in that statement, isn’t there?) … especially as I’m not aware of ever visiting such sites.  In the end it became too hard to sift through everything, trying to identify whether or not it was needed, so here I am, having to sign in everywhere again.  That’s OK I suppose – it’s exercise for my poor befuddled brain.  However, you know what alarms me?  …Well two things actually:

a]  When I’m visiting sites like my Hotmail account, I can hear a stream of that ominous tap, tap, tap, click, click, clicking going on in my machine that means that plenty of crapola is being dumped on my machine, to replace the crapola I just got rid of, and

b]  My internet access is no faster.

Any ideas anyone?  Technical assistance would be greatly appreciated, especially if you are able to couch it in words of strictly one syllable. When it comes to technical matters, any more than that and I involuntarily start to glaze over.



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A day in the life: Sunday

Continuing my occasional series in the spirit of  ‘full-disclosure’ here (well, as full as it’s going to get), here is an edited- for- privacy version of what is being recorded in my diary here at home:

Bette 5S asked me recently for the recipe I used to do for Tomato and Lentil Dahl with Toasted Almonds.  I found one – but it was definitely not the one so loved of this family.  This morning I looked again through my collection of recipe books and found the Real McCoy – hence the link to my recipe pages. I haven’t done this for ages and as it made my mouth water just typing it up, I think maybe I should do it again.

I keep meaning to get back to ‘real cooking’ but in the last few weeks I’ve struggled with the emotions of living in a seriously stirred house and it’s making me feel inordinately tired, not to mention fed up.  The book that this recipe came from is a heavy tome, under-used by me, and so well worth dipping into again.  When our visitors this week have been and gone, the carpeting guys have been and gone for the umpteenth and final time, and the house has some semblance of order again, I think I’ll try a few more of these vegetarian recipes.


No.  This is not funny.  We worked for most of the day again on clearing the dining room – carefully sorting, wrapping and packing away precious pieces.  I’m knackered and more than a little overwhelmed.  We virtually have no space to move things to now and it’s pretty depressing.

We can’t go on like this so I’ve come up with a strategy:


  • I’m hiring the largest skip (dumpster) available and we’re having a massive garage clearout.
  • I will phone the carpet guys and delay the fitting of the final room (my study) by another two weeks – giving us a month to prepare between the last two rooms.
  • I will try to research lockable storage cabinets for the (newly tidied) garage….cabinets in which to store some of the precious bits from my parents’ house that have so broken the back of our usual Feng Shui calm and simplicity.

I want calm restored to this house.

I want to be free of tradesmen.

I want to, once again, freely access all areas of my home (which means spending time ‘acclimatising’ the kittens to the big wide world outside).

I want to, once again, have a thoroughly clean home (which means dealing with all of the above).

I want to go on holiday and lie quietly in the sun (frustratingly, we have to wait some weeks yet for that).

By the way, just to illustrate the tone of today, having only just finished packing away stuff in the dining room and feeling pooped and emotionally strung out, we came through to find that one of the cats had puked on our bed …. on our brand new Yves Delorme sheets.



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