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Joy, laughter…and religion

CrossYou know that JK Wedding video I linked to yesterday?  If you’ve watched it over at YouTube I don’t know if you’ve also had a look at the comments?  I’m pleased to say that the vast majority are positive responses wishing the couple well.  There always has to be at least a small proportion of dissenters in any situation however and in this case just one or two nasties stick out like a sore thumb amongst the general goodwill.  It seems some people have been deeply offended by this behaviour…in a church

I wonder how we got to the stage that joy, laughter and fun have no place in the Christian faith.

I read some years ago that traditional Irish dancing (think of Michael Flatley…he of the Riverdance) came about because it was deemed inappropriate and unseemly in a deeply religious society to fling one’s arms about when dancing.  I don’t know if that’s true but I can well imagine it.  The constraints, rules and regulations imposed upon those who ‘follow’ is one of the reasons why I moved away from organised religion some years ago.  Those rules are always, I think, of human origin, not divine.

At a time when congregation numbers are falling I’m just happy to see a couple making their commitment to one another in a church and doing it surrounded by people who obviously love them, making it an occasion of absolute joy.  I can’t see any higher being finding that offensive.  Surely?  That is a reaction reserved solely for what I think are misguided humans – humans who have come to believe that joy and laughter have no place in a church.



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Midsummer's Day: a conundrum

AliceWhite_01Hey, here’s a question for you:  Why, in the northern hemisphere, do we call 21st June ‘Midsummer’s Day’ when 21st June actually marks ‘the start of Summer’?  Aha…

Did you know that in meteororololololgical terms Spring begins on 1st March, Summer on 1st June, Autumn – 1st September and Winter – 1st December?  Those dates make more sense to me in terms of what the weather is actually doing, certainly where I live, and in my own mind this is closer to how I think of the year. (That still doesn’t make ‘Midsummer’s‘ day on 21st June mind you).  Confusing, innit?

Well, just who went and confused things by willy nilly declaring the start of the seasons as the 21st of March, June, September and December?  I bet it was those pesky Christians (no hate mail please – to all intents and purposes I’m one of them …which doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m currently a fully paid-up member of the club).   If you know the answer, do tell.


Happy Fathers’ Day to all the Dads out there.  If you haven’t already, check out the videos I posted yesterday:  A funny (and wincingly painful) clip from the brilliant Paul Merton’s trip to India, and maybe my favourite ad of all time (well…so far), the Guinness surfers and white horses ad.


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Photo dependantA couple of years ago I went up to Northumberland to meet up with relatives whom I’d discovered through family history research.  I would probably never have thought to visit this part of the country if it hadn’t been for my newly found relatives but it was quite a revelation.  Newcastle itself is a wonderful city – there’s a real buzz about it with some stunning modern architecture in and around the area (The Sage, Millennium Bridge, The Angel of the North).   All of that sits comfortably beside the old and the ancient.  A fairly short drive will get you up to Lindisfarne, Hadrian’s Wall and some stunning castles – Bamburgh, Warwick, Dunstanburgh and Alnwick (the setting for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movie). 

We did some driving around and loved what we saw, including the sweet little church in the village of Beadnell, built in 1746.  Actually our visit was purely by chance, diving inside one day to escape the bitterly cold winds (it was October) but what a treat when we got inside.  This is just part of one of the lovely stained glass windows.


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