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Holey Laundry?

You may sometimes notice small holes appearing in your newly washed laundry.  If you’re pretty sure that it’s not just that the material is worn and aged anyway then you might like to know the following:

The enzymes in biological washing powders can attack the natural fibres of especially wool and silk, breaking them down.  (There are usually warnings on washing product packaging but they are not always obvious).  For washing these delicate fabrics therefore, use something gentle that you might use for babies’ clothes, like ‘Dreft’.  I personally have found that 100% cotton can be similarly eaten up by the enzymes in biological powders and the solution for me was to change powder (in my case ‘Persil’ biological powder did the damage while other biological powders seemed OK).

Check the instructions of your washing machine for recommended spin speeds.  Too high a spin speed can loosen and damage fibres.   Below is a general chart to show that certain fabrics need certain maximum spin speeds:

             Cottons: 1400 rpm

             Minimum iron: 1200 rpm

             Delicates: 600 rpm

             Woollens: 1200 rpm

             Silks: 400 rpm

             Shirts: 600 rpm

             Denim: 900 rpm

For me, these two are the most obvious culprits but if you’ve tried altering both of the above it is also worth knowing that deodorant has been implicated and may damage clothing – so changing brand again may help.

Then there are also the most obvious reasons – which I’ve left until last here because I assume you’ve already considered them:

Don’t wash delicate fabrics with clothes that have zips, hooks, or wires.  For washing mixed loads where you are concerned about damage in this way, you may find using special laundry bags useful.   These come in a variety of sizes, some large enough to accommodate things like skirts.  Either place the offending article (with the metal fastening) or the delicate articles in a fine mesh laundry bag and this should help to minimise damage.  Under wire bras should, in any case, really be hand washed.

Where is the damage occurring?  If it’s close to the underarms and you wear under wire bras, is it possible that the wire is snagging on the fabric causing wear? 

If it is across the front or back of the material, around waist height, it’s possible that it’s just wear and tear from leaning against kitchen counter tops.   Apparently granite worktops are particularly abrasive to clothing.

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A happy start to the weekend

I’m not being a very good blogger lately am I?  No time to web surf you see. I’m also thinking that this blog is really pretty weird because of its scrapbook-type nature.  My last post was about the mafia’s [alleged] misdoings and it’s going to sit alongside a video of cute babies.  I am nothing if not totally random and diverse.

I’m not one of those women who coos, oohs and aaaahs at every baby on the planet but this ad is just adorable and makes me feel good every time I see it. There is something so sweet and special about hearing babies laugh and in this ad the third baby is positively creasing himself.  Wonderful!  Here’s a happy start to the weekend then…

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Feelgood Friday

Hare,1Found this lovely story in today’s Daily Mail newspaper.  As Leila Goss drove home one night she found a heavily pregant hare that had just been killed by a car.  The hare was still warm so Leila rushed it home and performed an emergency caesarian section on it to rescue the babies.  One survived, the sex of which is still unknown, so it will either be named Verity if it’s a girl or Kenny if it’s a boy.  Verity / Kenny is heart-meltingly lovely and Leila is an absolute hero.  You can read the full story over at the Daily Mail’s site here.

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New era

New scienceA Glasgow team is to launch a major trial to assess whether stem cells can be used to treat stroke patients. ….It is hoped the cells will regenerate areas damaged by stroke and increase patients’ movements and mental abilities.

~ BBC News Website, Monday 19th Jan 2009


The first baby in the UK tested before conception for a genetic form of breast cancer has been born.  …The embryo was screened for the altered BRCA1 gene, which would have meant the girl had an 80% chance of developing breast cancer.  Women in three generations of her father’s family have been diagnosed with the disease in their 20s.

~ BBC  News Website, Friday, 9th January 2009

‘Nay-sayers’ have jumped all over both stories.  In the first news story above that we are ‘killing one member of the human race to help another’, in the second that this is ‘eugenics’.  I don’t want to get into a big long discussion about the rights and wrongs of this new science – read the stories, watch the videos and decide for yourself.  As someone whose family is affected by both illnesses, is it any wonder that I’m extremely heartened by both stories? I just often wonder if those who are so vehemently against these advances will feel the same when they too are affected by some of these issues.

I think the medical breakthroughs we are seeing are just wonderful.  Stem cell research, in particular, seems to be showing all kinds of promise for cures for the most awful illnesses – illnesses that will almost certainly touch each and every one of our lives at some point or another.  For me, we are witnessing a new era of science and I find it very exciting.


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