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Here’s an idea

What’s with this weather? What’s with my body? I’m freezing! Where are the curtains I ordered (in September)? I want my curtains so that I can shut out the weather. I want to cocoon myself in a centrally heated, thick (heavily interlined) curtained house. No, hang on. Scratch that. Actually I want to hibernate. Yes, that would be better. Why can’t humans hibernate? Avoid the cold and the damp altogether, avoid S.A.D. syndrome, avoid over-eating starch because it temporarily makes you feel better but leaves you feeling and looking like a little human butterball by the Spring.

Wake me up when it’s Spring, would you?


Photo from the Daily Mail online


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Hope for Paws

Many of you will have already seen this totally incredible tiger photo, with over 4,600 comments and 77,000 views, on Flickr.  (I urge you to click on that link because it truly is a photo that you will never forget).  The photographer, Eldad Hagar does wonderful work in rescuing injured, sick and unwanted animals in the Los Angeles area.  He has just posted a video on YouTube of a rescue he recently went on – an injured dog that had been knocked by a car.  It’s ultimately a heart-warming and wonderful story.  I believe Eldad and his helpers fulfil an important role with their ‘Hope for Paws’ organisation.

This video may make you shed a tear if you’re an animal lover, but according to the YouTube comments, this story has a very happy ending in that Mr Pooch has now been adopted into a new home. 


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Weird and Unusual

The Daily Telegraph today has a round-up of what they describe as the world’s weirdest animals.  Many of these I’ve seen before, some are entirely new to me, some are entirely new and pretty creepy.  I’m not going to put the pics of the creepier ones here – go on over and see them for yourself…starting with the ‘star-nosed mole’ from North America … a little chap who I’m afraid draws an immediate shiver from me (although I’m quite sure I don’t do much for him either)!


The Blobfish, which hovers just above the sea floor, gobbling edible matter that floats past it.

(I love the ‘face’ of these fish – they look distinctly fed up with their lot in life)!


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