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Photo dependantA couple of years ago I went up to Northumberland to meet up with relatives whom I’d discovered through family history research.  I would probably never have thought to visit this part of the country if it hadn’t been for my newly found relatives but it was quite a revelation.  Newcastle itself is a wonderful city – there’s a real buzz about it with some stunning modern architecture in and around the area (The Sage, Millennium Bridge, The Angel of the North).   All of that sits comfortably beside the old and the ancient.  A fairly short drive will get you up to Lindisfarne, Hadrian’s Wall and some stunning castles – Bamburgh, Warwick, Dunstanburgh and Alnwick (the setting for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movie). 

We did some driving around and loved what we saw, including the sweet little church in the village of Beadnell, built in 1746.  Actually our visit was purely by chance, diving inside one day to escape the bitterly cold winds (it was October) but what a treat when we got inside.  This is just part of one of the lovely stained glass windows.



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Freedom for George

BBC News reports that a lobster, estimated to be 140 years old, is due to be released back into the ocean off Kennebunkport in Maine, where lobster trapping is banned.  ‘George’ weighs 20 pounds and was caught two weeks ago in the waters off Newfoundland – he has spent the interim in the confines of a tank in a New York restaurant.


I would think that George would have made very poor eating, being so old n’ all, but releasing him back into the ocean?  Off Kennebunkport?  I was there not so long ago and photographed these, just around the corner at Cape Porpoise….piles and piles of them:


Bon voyage et bon chance George!

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