Photos with a wow factor

I know I’m no Annie Leibowitz (more’s the pity) but I plug away at my love of photography, gradually learning more and slowly seeing improvements in my art.  It’s hard not to compare yourself to others however and there are those even on Flickr whose work I just find totally enchanting (here ) or that simply blows me away (here and here) .  Best keep your head down and plug on for fear of being totally discouraged, I think.

Sometimes however, I come across a photo that has such a wow factor that it makes me think ‘that’s it’.  Pack away all the gear because that is incredible and probably, for me, totally unattainable.

Jose Luis Rodriguez has just won first prize in this year’s Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.  This was a shot that apparently took him years to plan and that he had even sketched out on paper beforehand.  The planning shows.  If I attempted this I’d get a blur of fur as the wolf disappeared out of shot.  Jose’s shot is so crystal clear, well lit and well timed that it looks just like a storybook illustration brought to life.  Hats off to Sr. Rodriguez, he’s a worthy winner.

Leaping wolfYou can read more about the competition and the winners in other categories by visiting here.


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7 responses to “Photos with a wow factor

  1. What a cool photo! And I’m learning so much here. I’m no photog but I love good photography. I thought it just happened, right place at the right time sort of thing. I had no idea you’d sketch ideas, plan, attempt, fail and try again. Now I’m feeling a bit stupid – ’cause it all makes sense. I just never looked at photography that way. Thanks for the education!

  2. Those galleries are WOW!

  3. Fantastic photo. I am sure wildlife photography requires as much patience as any type.

  4. That is crazy amazing! You’re right about the wow factor. Wow!

  5. What a lovely pic, that one! WOW!

  6. Aw thanks so much for the mention! I have been flat out lately so not much time for blogging, but I try to catch up every now and then 😉

    That is an amazing shot! I’d be too scared the wolf was going to come after me, lol (or perhaps I overrate myself as a tasty morsel for wildlife).

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