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Handsomely hirsute, or just horrible?

OK, so what do we think of this?

Beardy boys

My opinion?  I don’t like beards.  They look slighty ‘unhygienic’ to me and tend to make a man look unkempt and older (and not in a good way).  And if a man is balding?  Worst case scenario in my book because a bearded balding guy either looks as though he’s compensating in some way for the loss at one end, or that he’s somehow ‘out of kilter’ (dare I say it…almost as if his head is the wrong way up).

Beards, I read this morning, are the new ‘in’ thing, so we can expect to see more and more men sporting them because in my own experience of mi amore, no encouragement is needed to give up the daily grind of scraping at the face with a razor.  …Which is an interesting side topic in itself, because there are things that women do on a regular basis in order to look good, and usually without complaint, like face packs, moisturising, shaving and waxing various places, and of course make up. But I digress…

According to the article in the Daily Mail in a survey of 2000 men and women, 63% of men thought that facial hair made them look more manly and attractive (poor deluded innocents) while, you guessed it, 92% of women said that they preferred a man who was clean-shaven, 95% actually finding facial stubble a romantic turn-off.  Come on guys, really you knew this already, didn’t you?

I have to say that in the photos above the top two bother me more, especially the shot of Brad Pitt.  Why? because at least Jim Carrey and Keanu Reeves seem to have exercised some degree of control over their mane, as though they actually care what they look like.  I’m afraid darling David and the normally beautiful Brad look like they just don’t give a stuff.  What do you think?


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