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Gathering momentum

I feel us gathering momentum as a little design team and I’ve been busy on more art and photography this morning, specifically today putting up a new piece by my older daughter (below).  I know that lots of you out there have young children so I just thought I’d remind you that there is some original artwork to see over at my Art and Design site, some perfect for children.

The response to my competition, both here and by email has so far has been good but we’re not exactly up at lottery standards (not that I ever thought we would be)!  All I can say is, the odds of winning are therefore pretty good and I wanted to thank those who have already entered for your support and enthusiam.  For that reason alone, you’re all winners to me.

Baby seals

Sorry this note is so perfunctory – having whiled away the morning ‘fiddling’ on arty stuff, I’ve just realised that we have absolutely nada, zippo, zilch to eat in the house so getting myself to the shop PDQ could be useful for, ooh, things like lunch, and dinner.   🙂

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