Weird and Unusual

The Daily Telegraph today has a round-up of what they describe as the world’s weirdest animals.  Many of these I’ve seen before, some are entirely new to me, some are entirely new and pretty creepy.  I’m not going to put the pics of the creepier ones here – go on over and see them for yourself…starting with the ‘star-nosed mole’ from North America … a little chap who I’m afraid draws an immediate shiver from me (although I’m quite sure I don’t do much for him either)!


The Blobfish, which hovers just above the sea floor, gobbling edible matter that floats past it.

(I love the ‘face’ of these fish – they look distinctly fed up with their lot in life)!



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6 responses to “Weird and Unusual

  1. Hey, thanks for stoppin’ by my blog. I actually checked you out earlier too….and didn’t leave a comment, I know, I’m naughty.
    I enjoyed the weird looking animals! Thanks for the link!

  2. It’s really gotta suck to be a blob fish and you’re right – you can see it on their faces 😦

    P.S. that BJ is a naughty one – lurking and not commenting – gosh! 😉

  3. Can’ imagine snorkeling and seeing that fishy guy face to face–yuck.

  4. Blech! I could have done without knowing the star-nosed mole exists in my neck of the woods! LOL!

    The blobfish looks as I’d expect of something that doesn’t see the light of day.

  5. They do indeed look very fed up, the poor things. They look almost like something you would see in a cartoon! Off to check out the link now! 🙂

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