Rescuing Bibi

I must admit that I find human beings frustrating, complex and often simply beyond my comprehension.  We sometimes do such unspeakable things to those around us.  However we are also capable of such kindness and selfless courage in order to help not just fellow humans but also helpless animals.  Today’s Mail Online has a story that covers the rescue of Bibi, a tiny Maltese schitzu. Bibi was blown by a strong wind into the ocean and might have drowned had it not been for a brave and kind-hearted member of the public, Raden Soemawinata. Positive news stories like this are a joy to see.

Bibi Rescue1

Bibi rescue 2

Bibi rescue 3



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5 responses to “Rescuing Bibi

  1. What a heart-warming story & lovely pic of Bibi licking his lips & waving a paw at the camera!

    Glad you liked the squirrel pics – unluckily he’d already disappeared before I could get him to pose with me too!

    Love yr blog – will return again soon to check out further great posts like this one!

    Hope you’re having a great week too & that you’ll join me this Thursday when I’m inviting blogpals on a *viral* trip into Marbella for lunch! See you again soon!

    LOL LOLA:)

  2. What a sweet story! And it’s so truly encouraging to see such kindness displayed.

    Thanks for coming by Sweeter Living today!

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Wow! totally heartwarming. And a good reminder to use a leash especially when there are strong winds!

  4. This made my cry. What a wonderful person and what a happy endind!

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