Daily Archives: July 30, 2009


I’ve been stewing for the last few days, anxious because one of my quarterly doctor’s visits has been due.  I have had times in the past when health issues have led me to be sent me for immediate appointments down at the hospital, sometimes followed by a series of visits to specialists (all of whom I’ve found to be arrogant and unpleasant, one even reducing me to tears).  Is it any wonder really that nowadays, despite having a lovely doctor, I fear every single visit to her?

This appointment has rather consumed my thoughts as the day drew nearer and so I’m resorting today to posting one of my Flickr photos.  I called it ‘Kerpow!’ because it reminded me of a cartoon drawing of an explosion and it seems appropriate to post it now as, post doctor, I feel I’m free, ‘released on the world’  and motoring for another 3 months.  In short, I’m a happy bunny!

0144, Kerpow!

Kerpow!  (Centre of an anemone ~ranunculus~ flower)


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