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Joy, laughter…and religion

CrossYou know that JK Wedding video I linked to yesterday?  If you’ve watched it over at YouTube I don’t know if you’ve also had a look at the comments?  I’m pleased to say that the vast majority are positive responses wishing the couple well.  There always has to be at least a small proportion of dissenters in any situation however and in this case just one or two nasties stick out like a sore thumb amongst the general goodwill.  It seems some people have been deeply offended by this behaviour…in a church

I wonder how we got to the stage that joy, laughter and fun have no place in the Christian faith.

I read some years ago that traditional Irish dancing (think of Michael Flatley…he of the Riverdance) came about because it was deemed inappropriate and unseemly in a deeply religious society to fling one’s arms about when dancing.  I don’t know if that’s true but I can well imagine it.  The constraints, rules and regulations imposed upon those who ‘follow’ is one of the reasons why I moved away from organised religion some years ago.  Those rules are always, I think, of human origin, not divine.

At a time when congregation numbers are falling I’m just happy to see a couple making their commitment to one another in a church and doing it surrounded by people who obviously love them, making it an occasion of absolute joy.  I can’t see any higher being finding that offensive.  Surely?  That is a reaction reserved solely for what I think are misguided humans – humans who have come to believe that joy and laughter have no place in a church.



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Cherry Blossom

The photo-art below was produced using a very old version of Corel Photopaint, maybe even 10 years ago now.  Nowadays I’m using Adobe Photoshop and up-graded about 6 months ago to CS4.  I must say I don’t like it as much as the CS2 I had before.  Programmers feel they must continually tweak things, no doubt to justify the exorbitant price tag on these things.  The current version has, and is developing foibles that I don’t like, (no doubt someone in the know could tell me how to get around these.  Maybe I’ve inadvertently clicked on something I shouldn’t…).

CS4 ‘sticks’ photos together and I find I continually have to command ‘Window~Arrange~Float all in windows’, and just lately my program has taken to surreptitiously re-sizing photos to completely random sizes…something like 3212.5 pixels/inch and 0.2cm wide and high.  What’s all that about?  I often only spot it when I go back to my files and see a small ‘dot’ in amongst my file thumbnails.  That dot is usually a precious image.

I stick with Photoshop because it’s the ‘industry standard’ but I must say that there are certainly days when I miss the simplicity and user-friendly ways of good old Corel.

Cherry blossom


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