Saturday Snapshots (late again)

I completely forgot to post my photo for Chere’s Saturday Snapshots but I like the whole idea of someone posing the criteria and I see which photo it comes up with, so I’m posting this anyway.

This is from my penultimate photo folder, first photo in the 10th row.  It was taken in London in 2001 and is the view from the Tate Modern Gallery, looking across the Thames towards St Paul’s Cathedral.  The recently opened Millennium Footbridge is in the foreground. 

The skies were so, so grey that day that the colour version looked, well ~bleuch~.  I changed it to black and white, which does at least give more definition to the buildings. 

I’d love to see some of your photos so why not join in the ‘Saturday Snapshots Carnival’, even if, like me you are late posting?



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14 responses to “Saturday Snapshots (late again)

  1. Chère

    late is completely fine! I adore this photo! 🙂

  2. Forrester McLeod

    What a great idea! I love your photo. The short time we spent in London was grey, grey, grey as well. Romantically so! Your photo captures the mood perfectly.

    Okay…I’ll play along!

    my son at age 6, at the gates of Bon Rati (sp?) castle in Ireland.


  3. I like your photo as well. B/W always makes me think in terms of history–which is a strong interest of mine.

    I let the Mrs. do the picture taking–I so lack artistic talent that I am forced to live off the accomplishments of others. In other words: keep up the good creative work.

  4. ooooo…I love a good black and white photo. nice!

  5. I have finally emerged from “darken room” and wanted to thank you for your support in my latest dilemma – the belly dance smackdown! It truly is like going back to high school. I appreciate your advice – and I am going to be posting an update tomorrow (hopefully)…

  6. Forrester McLeod

    Oh, I will join in! I’ll check it out in the next couple of days and get situated. And, yes….Bunratty! We did that banquet as well. How funny!


  7. Great picture, black and white has it’s appeal. This one give a superb impression of timelessness to the whole scene.

  8. I love seeing photos of places. I’ve done so little traveling in my life, I feel like I get to go places vicariously through these photos.

    I do a weekly segment called “Sundays In My City”. I live in San Francisco and love sharing my beautiful city. On the 9th of August I will start putting up a linky so that others can share Sundays in their cities. Please join us if you are interested.

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