Caramel and White

The hedge at the south end of our garden has been turning brown and dying over this Summer and ‘someone in the know’ yesterday told me that it has honey fungus.  This is not good news, not good at all.  It is only feet away from a very large, very old and very beautiful rhododendron (which I’ve read are susceptible to honey fungus) and is flanked by two camellias – plants that I really love.

Am I now going to lose the beautiful white camellia that lights up my garden over the dark Winter months?  I do hope not.

0078, Caramel n White

Camellia blossom ~ new and pure  white rubs shoulders with a ‘rusted’ bloom (caused by excessive rain)



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4 responses to “Caramel and White

  1. barcelonareporter

    beautiful , awesome photo, really very beautiful flower.

  2. angelcel

    Thank you very much 🙂

  3. Yes, great image. I hope you don’t lose your flowering plant. We have had a wet summer here–the leaf-eating beetles have seemed to love it.

  4. My husband loves to garden and is studying horticulture. Whenever a plant dies in our garden I get upset, but he just sees it as a part of the cycle. I’ve asked him why he isn’t bothered and he tells me that in order to enjoy the abundance of nature you have to be okay with things dying. I’m not okay with it, but I also don’t enjoy plants as much as he does.

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