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Male or female brain?

New scienceDo you ever find yourself wondering whether your brain 100% matches the physical gender that Mother Nature gave you?  Certainly in my mind I am not your quintessential ‘girly girl’ and so I find such thoughts occasionally crossing my mind.

For a start I’ve often found men easier to make friends with than women.  Maybe this is because I find men more straightforward (sorry ladies but you do have to admit that we are often a complex and complicated lot).

I loathe and detest shopping with a vengeance, particularly window-shopping, even worse is window-shopping with a couple of girlfriends.  If you pick up those ‘latest thing’ quilted purple culottes and I think that they’re totally hideous and make your bum look the size of an oil tanker, am I really supposed to smile sweetly and lie through my teeth about how great they are?  If so, I’m at a distinct disadvantage here.  My mother was such a stickler for instilling the importance of telling the truth and could smell a fib at fifty paces that it has left me virtually incapable of lying, for fear that I might self-combust in a great puff of acrid smoke.

I’m not a ‘shoe person…’ or a ‘clothes person’ for that matter.  I like to think I dress neatly, and when necessary I can ‘scrub up well’ in smart gear, but I will always, ultimately, be dressed for comfort and it’s an absolute given that shoes must definitely be comfortable.  If my feet are pinched, sore, blistered and aching it will be written all over my face in neon lights.

I’m totally useless at ‘small talk’, mainly because I don’t see the point in it.  In fact I’m so useless at it that in small talk social situations (like parties) the metaphorical shutters go down, my brainwaves flatline and I am usually rendered entirely silent, making me appear (a) shy (which I am), (b) dull and boring (which I probably am) and/or (c) extremely rude (which I always try to avoid).

Finally, I’m a good map-reader, have excellent spatial awareness and can quickly get a sense of direction in a new location – all of which I have read are signs of a ‘male brain’.

SO…  Today when I came across a ‘Sex I.D.’ quiz over at the BBC’s ‘Science and Nature’ pages (designed to assess whether you have a male or female brain …not some new perverse sexual game) I decided to partake.  The result?  Well blow me down, I’m a girl in both body and mind.  Certain aspects came out as an equal male/female brain but I have to admit I was really quite chuffed at my ‘femaleness’.  It was oddly… reassuring.

The test also picked out that I’m highly empathic….but then I knew that already.  The one thing that I do know, and I’ve realised all along is a predominantly female trait, is that I’m scarily good at reading people, but also almost cripplingly in tune with how others are feeling.  If you’re sad, I’m sad, if you cry, I cry, even if I’m not sure what you’re crying at!  I haven’t, so far, come across any men who are so painfully afflicted, so maybe the test results were only as expected after all.

If you’d like to know whether you have a male, female (or whatever) brain, you can take the test here.



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Caramel and White

The hedge at the south end of our garden has been turning brown and dying over this Summer and ‘someone in the know’ yesterday told me that it has honey fungus.  This is not good news, not good at all.  It is only feet away from a very large, very old and very beautiful rhododendron (which I’ve read are susceptible to honey fungus) and is flanked by two camellias – plants that I really love.

Am I now going to lose the beautiful white camellia that lights up my garden over the dark Winter months?  I do hope not.

0078, Caramel n White

Camellia blossom ~ new and pure  white rubs shoulders with a ‘rusted’ bloom (caused by excessive rain)


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