Saturday Snapshots – Dendrons

I’m late posting this.  It’s probably still Saturday night somewhere west of here though … isn’t it?    This is my 44th photo in my 6th folder of camera files, posted for Teasingly Diverse’s new ‘Saturday Snapshots’ carnival.

44/6 :  Boston Ivy during the Winter.  I took it because it reminded me of a medical drawing of nerves with the little dendrons feathering outwards toward one another…which now I think of it is ever so slightly creepy.

Boston Ivy2



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10 responses to “Saturday Snapshots – Dendrons

  1. Beautiful photograph. I’m partial to stark bare trees against the sky and this is a variation on that theme… A less creepy metaphor might be the branching path we follow in life ending in a black globe of… [never mind about that less creepy comment]

  2. Chère

    That’s an awesome photo!

  3. Olman

    Beautifull in it’s simplicity.
    Calming the spirit by following the lines in a zen fashion.

    Thank You

  4. angelcel

    ‘Calming the spirit …in a zen fashion’. I like that. 🙂

  5. I enjoy your perspective–interesting shot.

  6. angelcel

    Thanks…I think you can tell from this that my mind works in random ways sometimes.

  7. elizabethweaver

    I really like what I’ve read of your site so far…I like your mind & eye & heart. Thank you for sharing it. I’m looking forward to making your dahl recipe as well.

  8. angelcel

    Thank you Elizabeth, what a very nice thing to say. I think you’ll like the dahl…well, *we* certainly do! 🙂

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