Because you're worth it

Is it too late for the Olay do you think?

The Ugly Duchess



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23 responses to “Because you're worth it

  1. Oh Lordy! Well at least it has a great rack! I mean, how many men are going to notice that face with a rack like that, right?

    Saw your comment on SITS and popped by to show some love 🙂

  2. oh geez! this is so hideously awesome!! totally lovin it!

  3. severnyproductions

    A very wierd image but strangely entertaining

  4. Lol! Stopping by from sits to say hi!

  5. angelcel

    Hi Yaya! 🙂

  6. I THINK SO!!!! Not too late for him to see a therapist to discuss why HE is wearing a frock and has a chest to rival mine though!!! Gees, that man has issues LOL! X

  7. angelcel

    Hi Mrs K,
    The NG blurb says the painting was : “probably intended to satirise old women who try inappropriately to recreate their youth”.
    She’s so ugly and the face looks so like an old man that I’ve wondered whether the painter was a bit of a misogynist!

  8. That is one SEXY errrr….man?
    Stoppin by from SITS to say hi and leave some love.
    Come check out my Thumnbail Thursdays and play along 😉

  9. Woah, I thought that was a pic of my MIL at a renissance fair for a second… I kid, I kid.

    Interesting painting. Ugly and interesting 🙂
    Stopping by from SITS

  10. Sadly, I think it is even too late for Botox….

  11. Ugly picture! Great caption! 🙂 LOL!

  12. Bwaaaaa-ha ha ha ha. Good One!

    P.S. I’m coming over from SITS….bunny hop over to find out how you can get 50 free photos and enter 4 great giveaways: Hippo books, CoverBee Laptop sleeve, Chex Mix bars, Piggy Paint- 10 winners in all!!):CoverBee and Dr Hippo books end on Sunday :>

  13. Funny stuff. I am sure the artist had fun with that one.

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