A day in the life: Tuesday

Elvgren1OK, I think we’ve established already that I suffer from an acute case of internetus paranoiacus and so don’t readily offer up too much information about myself here, meaning that I rarely describe my personal life.  However, for the sake of full disclosure, here is the first in a short series on ‘A day in the life…’.  Sit back and prepare to be riveted.


Tuesday, 7th July

I cleaned the utility room today – which is truly wonderful for me, given the pigging mess that it was in, but hardly interesting for anyone else.   Here’s a question for you though:

How does cat food end up sprayed up the walls?

I’ll leave you to ponder on that.

I also tidied up the garage a bit.  The kittens think that spending their days in a cardboard favella is phenomenal.  Me less so.  So much stuff has been ordered and bought by family members lately that we have sturdy cardboard packages coming out of our ears and whilst I can’t flatten it, because it’s clearly the strongest cardboard known to mankind, I reasoned that stacking it one inside the other would at least free up a six-inch path to the up-n-over door. (Always handy).

Apropos of the newly stacked cardboard boxes in the garage, another one arrived at lunch time – one containing the little white bedside table I’d ordered from Laura Ashley.  Yay!  Of course I have to put it all together (self-assembly you see), but it’s here.  Then I can dump the box.  In the garage.

That Dear Friends is about the long and the short of it for yesterday.  Oh, except that kitten William has started peeing in odd places, like our *!!new!! *!!expensive!!* Stressless leather recliner in the living room (on Monday night) and in one of the cat beds today.  It’s all been cleaned.  In readiness for the next time.

Then there was the totally yummy Sausage and Lentil Concoction that I came up with for dinner last night.  Maybe I’ll post the recipe here some time, except I should probably come up with a better name for it, don’t you think?    ‘Concoction’ sounds like something I rustled up in a chemistry lab.


And there it is.  Tuesday.




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12 responses to “A day in the life: Tuesday

  1. Funny stuff. A cat makes our lives interesting here as well. She had always been around our Springer Spaniel (before the dog died) and still today thinks she is a dog.

  2. angelcel

    Yes pets add a certain je ne sais quoi to the mix don’t they? Especially when that je ne sais quoi is the brand that sweet William is currently dispensing!

  3. I think concoction sounds delicious. It’s the true recipes like ghoulash (what an awful name) that are truly delicious. Stopping by from SITS!

  4. Thanks for visiting, and for a peak of your world.

    Our cat sleeps in our utility room, and for all his personal cleanliness, he does make a mess with his food too!

  5. So nice to hear that others have “pigging” messes in the rooms of their home too.

  6. whoa…getting a little personal there aren’t ya?! Just kidding!

    Just stopping by from sits…have a great day!

  7. I hope your stomach fared better than mine after I made my chickpea stew! BTW, now I know a new word (pillock)- love it! Was I out of the loop on this or what??

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