The little white house

0268, The little white house

Le Don Hilton / La Caumine de Marie Best,  St Ouen,  Jersey, UK.

The little building is a former guard house, constructed in 1765 and the surrounding area is sprinkled with Common Thrift and rare Alderney Sea Lavender.



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4 responses to “The little white house

  1. Great photo–I love the lavender and white colors. It looks like a peaceful place.

  2. angelcel

    Thanks. Yes… peaceful and pretty. 🙂

  3. Olman

    Yes, very peacefull. I can just imagine the perfume of lavender and sea in the breeze.

  4. angelcel

    St Ouens bay is extremely popular with beachgoers and surfers in the Summer but as sections of it have dangerous rip tides it means that people tend to stick to areas that are safe to bathe, and where there are life guards. That means that even in the height of the Summer its possible to get away from crowds and the area around the little white house is always quiet. And yes, there is always the smell of the salt in the air, everywhere in the island actually. I only notice that when I return to the island. 🙂

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