Natural deterrent to aphids

FeverfewBattling with aphids (greenfly) in the garden?  Commercially available insecticides often contain a chemical called pyrethrum which is derived from nature.  Rather than buying bottles of commercially prepared and potentially hazardous chemicals, you can harness the power of nature in deterring greenfly just by some clever planting. 

Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) is a pretty daisy-like plant that contains pyrethrins – very similar to the chemicals in commercial sprays.  Plant Feverfew amongst your flowers and it’s presence will deter the little insect marauders. DaisyGolden feverfew is a pretty plant in its own right – as the name suggests its foliage is a yellow/golden colour – and all plants will readily self-seed all over the garden if you allow them to.  (This plant is also used as a traditional herbal remedy for migraine).

BeeWhilst it is possible to make your own insecticidal spray or powder from these plants I wouldn’t advise it as it is toxic to bees. In its plant form it seems to work well enough for me and does no harm to bees.  Some sources claim that it will deter bees from the garden, although I have never found this to be the case and have often seen bees visiting the feverfew flowers.  



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5 responses to “Natural deterrent to aphids

  1. I love aphids and butterfly.

    • angelcel

      Hi Beth,
      If you say butterflies then I’m with you…but aphids?!! I guess you won’t be planting Feverfew around your flower beds any time soon then! 😀

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  4. Greg

    Thanks for the pest control tip. Have you tried any organic sprays, such as Safer Brand’s Tomato and Vegetable Insect Killer? I found the spray while looking for organic pest control for my garden. It targets a lot of different bugs and is safe to use right up to the day of harvest.

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