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Loony Toons, again

It seems that almost every day that passes now I find myself thinking that the world around me is going completely and utterly bonkers.  Is this something related to age do you think?  Am I just viewing the past through rosy tinted specs?  Or is the truth that the world of just 20-30 years ago was indeed a place where life was conducted at a slower, gentler pace and people had integrity, intelligence and were able to employ a modicum of common sense?

Triple ShotOur local paper last night relayed the sorry tale of a local lady who had recently had her on-board reading confiscated whilst trying to board a flight from Heathrow to Japan.  The book in question was a paperback of Robert B. Parker’s novel ‘A Triple Shot of Spenser’ and the reason it was seized?  It had a picture of a gun included in the cover’s artwork.  Ooooooh.

I tell you, the world has gone completely and utterly loony toons.

You can read the full article (and see the face of this terrible threat to our security) here.

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