Cadbury's wackiness

Here’s a glass and a half of full cream Cadbury’s wackiness. I particularly love the little girl’s face.  🙂



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4 responses to “Cadbury's wackiness

  1. Hiya Jayne, Mr Kitten loves these adverts. He likes it when the little girl makes the noises with the balloon. He liked the last advert they did with the gorilla playing the drums. I dont get them?? but Mr Kitten says thats the whole point, they dont have anything to do with the chocolate. I suppose thats what makes them clever, because it makes people talk about them. Im a sad case as I remember the Cadburys advert from the 1970’s (I think Frank Muir was in it…….. god Im old!) singing ‘Everyone’s a fruit and nutcase’ X

  2. angelcel

    The one with the gorilla is just plain surreal but yes, as adverts they’re brilliant because we all sit up and pay attention and so remember the product.

    Oh! I remember the Frank Muir ad too! My favourite Cadbury ad from the 70s/early 80s(?) is probably the girl who is doing a watercolour painting in a poppy field when a drop of rain smudges her work. I think that might have been for Cadbury’s flake. When you think about it, those Flake ads were equally subtle yet we still remember them. I’d be willing to bet that they’re still using the same ad agency all these years on – and I’d also be willing to bet that it’s someone *huge* like Saatchi & Saatchi.

  3. These ads are kookier than a Marcel Duchamp exhibition

  4. angelcel

    Hahaha, from what little I know of his work, I’d say definitely. You sometimes have to wonder whether ‘wacky baccy’ plays a part in the design process with some ads! 😀

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