No words necessary

One of the nice things about taking photos regularly is being able to look back on other years at any given time period. It’s a bit like a visual diary – no words necessary. Last year I became enamoured with Flickr and it gave me all the excuse I needed to start taking photos on a weekly basis. The legacy is many, many files that I’m still struggling to work my way through, deciding which to keep and which to dump – a pruning job that is proving very difficult because I’ve always had trouble throwing photos away. A distinct advantage, however, is the fact that I can look at a photo like the one below and even if today’s weather isn’t too terrific, images from past years will tell me that by now winter is receding. Another three weeks and I can go down to the little valley where I shot the photos below and the beautiful and very old magnolia trees should be in full bloom. As someone who sometimes struggles to stay cheerful during the winter months, this is just the news I need. When I see colourful blossom starting to appear, I know that I can come out of my virtual winter hibernation, better weather is just around the corner.

Pink Magnolia



Please note: All my photos are watermarked and copyrighted and therefore should not to be downloaded, used, copied, reproduced or distributed in any way without my prior consent



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2 responses to “No words necessary

  1. Today is gray and rainy but I’m glad for it. My Easter lilies are peeking through in a couple places. I like to look at photo’s on Flickr full size to pick up details I miss with the smaller size. But I suppose I could save space by reducing them.

    Do you have anyone there that leaves a generic comment? I have one that does and I cracked up at the worst picture I put up to show a dog escaping a fence and get a compliment on the ugly thing. 🙂

  2. angelcel

    Hi Bonnie, Re image size, I know what you mean but having been stung before I only put up small images simply because there is less temptation to steal a small sized image.
    As for the Flickr community, like any gathering of humans it is strange and incomprehensible to me sometimes. I saw a ‘notice’ on one of my contacts’ pages, warning everyone that she had been subject to a virus attack. It was literally just a typed note – that’s all – and yet someone had left the usual ‘Stunning image – you deserve a blahdiblah award’ comment! What’s all that about?! 😀

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