In the right light

Applying lipstickPhotographers understand that the light cast at differing times of day greatly alters the way colours look.  Artists know that the best, consistent, light to paint by is that cast from a north facing window.  Equally, crafters realise that in order to see ‘true’ colours they need to work  by the light of a north facing window or to purchase special ‘blue light’ crafters’ bulbs. 

In exactly the same way, you are the artist of your own face when you apply your make-up, so if you have the option, for best results work in natural light, facing a north aspect window.



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2 responses to “In the right light

  1. When I do where makeup it is only lipstick and I have no North window I could easily stand by as it is a bay window full of plants. 🙂

  2. angelcel

    Well I wouldn’t worry Bonnie. North light is the *best* light. You know as well as I do that the only crucial rule is that you apply make-up in halfway decent light! If you have to get ready for an early shift with no light bulb to help light the way, I think it might be better to be brave and go for the ‘nude look’!

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