Christmas Countdown, 4

A seasonal sort outIf you look around and find yourself thinking that there is too much clutter surrounding you, just imagine how much worse it will look at Christmas with decorations adorning the house, the cupboards stuffed with extra seasonal food and the arrival of new items in the way of gifts. 

It’s no bad idea, therefore to have a seasonal tidy up.  Throw away/recycle anything that is just plain rubbish.  Christmas, and the period leading up to it, is obviously an extremely important time for local charities.  Any quality items that you think might be of use to someone else should therefore be taken to charity shops.

Have a tidy up of your kitchen cupboards.  Check ‘consume by dates’ and throw away anything old.  Be honest and dispose of the ‘tail end’ of anything you were keeping, but which you know in your heart you are unlikely to use.  Stand back and admire the amount of space you now have …. except that now, of course, is the time to top up with replacement items that you may need in the coming weeks! 

It’s also a good idea to do a mental check list of what cooking implements you might need.  Replace anything broken or badly worn and if you need anything like new roasting tins, buy them now.

  • Keep on with the buying of Christmas gifts.  Wrap and set aside as you go along. 


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2 responses to “Christmas Countdown, 4

  1. Every year we take something to local charities. Last year we also decided to give up on something we did not consider just plain rubbish, it felt good.

  2. angelcel

    I know just what you mean. Throughout the year we donate stuff to charities, sometimes things that we *know* we could sell ourselves and make a few bob out of. However, if we take them to the charity shop it’s just the same in our eyes as giving a money donation…and the good feeling that we have from knowing that is worth so much more. 🙂

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